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American history

The Puritan Course SchemeThe Puritan course scheme showed how closely faith and politics were intertwined in Massachusetts. The Puritan justice system dealt with a variety of offenses, including crimes against the clergy, such as witchcraft. Anyone who was strange or out of the ordinary was hated and branded as a...

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Political Literary Overview in 1620-1783 in the US

In American history, the era from 1620 to 1783 is known as the Puritan Period and is distinguished by distinct features and a diverse cast of characters that shaped history. Since the printing press was unavailable, the majority of the literature was documented in handwritten leaflets. Christianity was at the...

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ideology of puritan religion

In the early 1600s, England gave birth to the Puritan religion (Kopelson 2016). The Puritans recognized that the Anglican Church, England's state divine agency, needed to be segregated from the Catholic religious faith Power. The Puritans sought to overhaul the Anglican Church in the early 1600s, with only little results....

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