Essays on Environmentalism

Problem of Nature

The issue of nature is a significant one that the writers have discussed in a variety of ways. The aspect of nature’s dilemma has been brought out very plainly in the four readings: The panther, A young Birch, A beaten Path, and To make a fire. Human activities are listed…

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Are plastic bags harmful to the environment?

The debate about plastic bags has raged for a long time, with business players rallying support for the commodity and conservationists pushing for its abolition and complete halt of manufacturing. The point of contention is whether plastic bags are toxic to the atmosphere and, if not, what can be done…

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Which Perspective is More Persuasive, “Light Green” Environmentalism or “Dark Green” Ecologism?

There has lately been a pressing need to create a healthy climate. It has resulted in the development of more sophisticated methods of mitigating environmental degradation. It is apparent that environmentalists have addressed this topic in a number of ways. The various environmental policies have been labeled as various shades…

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Light Green Environmentalism Versus Dark Green Ecologism

Environmentalism may be described as a wide spectrum of perspectives concerned with the maintenance, refurbishment, or enhancement of the natural environment. It frequently contains simple political inferences, which allows it to function as a political theory. The engagement between academics and experts from diverse fields is important in seeking solutions…

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The Environment and Energy

The topic of electricity consumption and its environmental consequences continues to have an impact on the political and regulatory environments. There are a variety of concerns that continue to have an impact on energy consumption and environmental regulations. According to Whitman (par.1), the Obama administration failed in certain areas, such…

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The Ecological Challenges Facing Humanity

The modern technology landscape faces a plethora of environmental problems that have an effect on humanity’s health and way of life. Because of urbanization and industrialization, the landscape has changed dramatically. In the twenty-first century, environmental concerns have grown into a global concern. Humans live in a world that is…

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Marine Plastic Pollution

Plastics have been an integral part of human life. It is one of the most prevalent materials in the world. Plastics are commonly used by industries for packaging purposes (Fanshawe & Everard 72). Since there are inadequate mechanisms that control the adoption of the products, the impact on the use…

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Obama’s policy

The environmental policy was one of the policies of President Obama that I agree with. The purpose of this program is to shield our world from the effects of global warming. President Obama has dramatically minimized global warming, from forging the landmark Paris climate to setting economic fuel requirements to…

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Industrial Responsibility to the Environment

I am writing to you about the state of the city’s climate. Due to climate change over the past century, the inhabitants of California have suffered the long-term effects of desertification. In view of its position adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, this state gets a first-hand experience of climate change….

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