The Future of Education

One of the classical explanations of traditional learning is the Constructivist theory. Constructivism asserts that knowledge is constructed by events that an individual experiences. Knowledge and meaning in this case is created through the concepts of accommodation and assimilation where, new experiences are reframed into one’s mental capacity and incorporation...

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Future Scenarios of Education in the Twenty-First Century

The Future of Education in the Twenty-First Century The future scenarios of social, economic, cultural, and even political will be determined by the contributions of the students who are at school today. Unlike before education is future-oriented hence, therefore visionary. This is because of the changes observed scientifically and technologically. Currently,...

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The Future of Flying Cars

Technology and the Future of the Automotive Industry Technology has always defined the automotive industry; this is from the era when air conditioning, electric cars and doors were introduced, and at the moment, the industry is aiming at creating flying cars. Vehicles that are self-driving and can fly have the potential...

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The Future of Tertiary Education in the Cloud

The Changing Learning Environment While tertiary education has become a necessity for employment, Wang and Schrager in the article it s the end of the university as we know it published on September 2017 by Quartz, believe that technology is changing the learning environment, however, slower than it should....

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The Impact of Technology on America

America has always been a nation in flux, but perhaps has never witnessed the volume of notable shifts it is positioned to experience between now and the coming 50 to 100 or 500 years. About one decade ago, the concept of digital currencies, fully electric and driverless cars, and deep...

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Logistics in Future

The Future of Logistics and Technological Advancements The professional area that is of interest to me is the logistics. There are a lot of changes that I feel will take place within the logistics profession. Based on the fact that there are some technological advancements which are being introduced into the...

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Future Collaboration in Banking and Finance Industry

Banking and Finance in the Future Banking and finance are among the most dynamic sectors which highly utilize information systems and technology. As a result, within a short period of time, chances are, much happens regarding the information systems management in controlling the operations. Increased competition in Banking and Finance industry...

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Bitcoin as a Mode of Payment in the Future

The current age of information technology has altered every area of social, political and economic lives of people globally. Groundbreaking innovations render traditional means and methods of conducting affairs obsolete by providing current, fast, easy and user-friendly disruptive technologies. The currency industry is one of the areas impacted by information...

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Which Perspective is More Persuasive, “Light Green” Environmentalism or “Dark Green” Ecologism?

There has lately been a pressing need to create a healthy climate. It has resulted in the development of more sophisticated methods of mitigating environmental degradation. It is apparent that environmentalists have addressed this topic in a number of ways. The various environmental policies have been labeled as various shades...

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How Should We Prevent Future Mass Shootings?

The Journal proposes many ways that police and media should work together to deter possible mass shootings. The journal is well-crafted in that its guidelines address specific habits of police officers and journalists. Among the recommendations are to never publish a shooter's propaganda and to conceal their identities and faces. The...

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Isabel Allende's a house of spirits

Isabel's novel 'House of Spirits' tells the story of the Trueba family, who are surrounded by passion, hate, a desire for riches and strength, a desire for vengeance, and poverty all at the same time. Clara, her husband, Esteban Trueba, their children Blanca and the twin sons, Jaime and Nicolas,...

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Discipline and Punishment, according to Foucault

Discipline and Punish by Foucault Discipline and Punish by Foucault is simply a study of the modernized penal system in the eighteenth century. Social Context of Punishment The social context of punishment is discussed first, followed by an analysis of how shifting power dynamics influence punishment. Punishments Prior to the Eighteenth Century In order to...

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