Which Perspective is More Persuasive, “Light Green” Environmentalism or “Dark Green” Ecologism?

There has lately been a pressing need to create a healthy climate. It has resulted in the development of more sophisticated methods of mitigating environmental degradation. It is apparent that environmentalists have addressed this topic in a number of ways. The various environmental policies have been labeled as various shades…

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How Should We Prevent Future Mass Shootings?

The Journal proposes many ways that police and media should work together to deter possible mass shootings. The journal is well-crafted in that its guidelines address specific habits of police officers and journalists. Among the recommendations are to never publish a shooter’s propaganda and to conceal their identities and faces….

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Isabel Allende’s a house of spirits

Isabel’s novel ‘House of Spirits’ tells the story of the Trueba family, who are surrounded by passion, hate, a desire for riches and strength, a desire for vengeance, and poverty all at the same time. Clara, her husband, Esteban Trueba, their children Blanca and the twin sons, Jaime and Nicolas,…

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Discipline and Punishment, according to Foucault

Discipline and Punish by Foucault is simply a study of the modernized penal system in the eighteenth century. The social context of punishment is discussed first, followed by an analysis of how shifting power dynamics influence punishment. In order to complete this overview and review of the current system, the…

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Gaming has been synonymous with male-dominated behavior in recent years (Dickey, 2017). However, this appeared to undermine the role of women in gaming. The role of women in gaming can be traced to many forms of study carried out by individual authors. The researchers have been able to present their…

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about homeland security

The need to handle possible future attacks in the United States has grown as cases of criminal activity in different parts of the world have increased. In essence, the bulk of the world’s nations have suffered from extremism as a result of a lack of effective risk control policies. Risk…

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Free Post-Secondary Education benefits

Training is the only way to secure a stable career in the United States. It is regarded as a primary cornerstone needed to realize the American dream. A basic tenet of the vision is universal access to education for all students in order to empower communities on both a social…

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The Speech also known as A time for choosing is a speech made by Ronald Regan

The Speech, also known as A Time for Choice, is a television speech given by Ronald Regan in an attempt to gain election. He used public appeals to illustrate his case, demonstrating how the country requires a different type of leadership, one that is not complacent and dependent on recent…

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