Essays on Video Games

Activism in Gaming

Conventionally, the strength of protest is founded on its presence in the popular society, which offers new viewpoints. Video games that are part of popular entertainment should be used to advocate for the interests of oppressed people. Due to the immersive, multi-user and multi-media aspects of contemporary video games, different…

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A Proposal Argument

A majority of the human beings cannot deny the fact that they have played at least one kind of video games at some point in time of their lives. This phenomenon brings with it so many nostalgic memories and moments to each person. Whereas everybody deserves a free time, it…

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About a Gaming café

The proposal detailed below included opening a Gaming Café offering top-of-the-line games as well as high-speed broadband. The company tries to fix the issue that children have no place to go to have fun while their parents shop in the mall. High-speed internet does not guarantee latency gaming or computing….

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