Economic Impacts of Video Games

The Economic Benefits of the Video Game Industry

The video game business has grown so rapidly over the years that its economic benefits cannot be overlooked. The gaming industry is now on par with the other major entertainment sectors in terms of size. The gaming business employs many people and contributes billions to the economies of several countries. In 2012, the video game industry contributed more than $6.2 billion to the US economy. Between 2009 and 2012, the video game industry increased by more than 9%, outpacing the US economy, which grew by 2.4%. The article from the Huffington Post is related to the slide in that they both generally talk of the impacts of the video games industry to society. When considering the impacts of the industry to society it is essential that the economic impact is addressed.

The Future of the Gaming Industry

The slide provides valuable statistics that reveal the impacts of the industry to society. The statistics also show how the industry has grown and hence shows that the industry is the future. In using the valuable statistics provided such as the fact that 155 million is the number of Americans that play video games and that in every five homes, four of them own devices that can be used to play games then this information can be used to help grow the market so that it further contributes to the economy. The information provided is important because it shows the role played by technology in shaping the future of the world (Taylor 1).

The Popularity and Impact of Video Games on Society

The slides are interesting because they clearly reveal that games have become part of human lives. The gaming practice has been taken up by people of all age groups and surprisingly even those who are 60 years and above enjoy games. Playing video games has become more important to many people than other forms of entertainment such as TV, movies, and many more that were considered mainstream forms of entertainment.

Work Cited

Taylor, Rich. "Video Game Industry Adds Billions to US Economy." The Huffington Post., 13 Nov. 2014. Available at: (Accessed: 1st April 2017).

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