Media’s Influence

Many people around the world have access to various types of media that influence their decision-making. Due to the widespread availability of the internet, video games, for example, have a global audience. Video games are likely to sharpen a person’s mind by improving the general skills required for decision-making. Since…

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How to Increase Your Creativity in Minecraft

Minecraft is a fantastic game that encourages creativity. There’s no one right way to play the game, which appeals to a bigger audience. The developers of the game give players limited resources, but allow them to turn these into jaw-dropping creations. In addition to creativity, the game also offers great…

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Modern Technology and Children

Technology contributes considerably to the well-being of people. A majority of adults around the world use technological applications both at locations of work and at home for socialization. Moreover, a significant number of households in the world have some devices such as smartphones and computers. This aspect increases the probabilities…

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Technology and Children

Technology has become a part and parcel of today’s society. Every sphere of human life is touched with electronic devices that help in communication, entertainment, education, transport, and other things that force the society. Technology aids in learning processes as well as mental development. Interactive media and technology for early…

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Mini Dictionary

I am a video game fanatic, and I have to admit I am so obsessed with the fighting games. Whenever I am stressed, the only activity that can make me sense at ease is playing war games. I would always sense the urge of winning, and gaining new skills which…

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Video Games Survival

Video games have become ubiquitous in the contemporary world, partly due to advance technology and partly due to the fact that video games have been embraced even in educational institutions. In his article titles “Can Video Games Survive? The Disheartening GamerGate Campaign: A Rhetorical Analysis,” Chris Suellentrop criticizes on line…

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The Effects of Video Games on People

In the last few decades, there has been an increase in the availability of and participation in video games. The proliferation of computers and personal electronics in recent years, as well as the ease of access to them, have contributed to this. When evaluating the success of video games and…

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What Is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a sandbox video game created and developed by Mojang Studios. The game was created by Markus “Notch” Persson and uses the Java programming language to create worlds. Players can construct structures of various materials and use them to complete challenges. It can also be played in Creative mode…

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Revelation As Self-Unveiling, a Gift From God, and the Ways it Can Reveal Itself to Us

Revelation is the act of God revealing himself to humanity. Revelation is a gift that he bestows on people. It can be a gift to us from God, or it can be a manifestation of self-knowledge in God. Whichever of these definitions we choose, the gift is an important part…

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Call of the Wild Analysis

Anthropomorphism, or the ‘call of the wild’, is a powerful metaphor in the novel Call of the Wild. While London does not explicitly state that a character should be human, he does suggest that he might be if the right circumstances are present. But the character Buck is not entirely…

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Function of Fiction

Fiction is the classification for any setting or plot that is derived from fantasy, rather than fact. True Fiction may take many forms, including writings, performances, videos, television programs, cartoons, computer games, and role-playing games. Fiction literature has long been neglected by psychologists because its sole purpose seems to be…

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language extinction and culture loss

1. John McWhorter, a well know linguist, disagrees with most anthropologists regarding the link between language and culture loss. He argues that the loss of a language does NOT equate with the loss of a culture. He presents his views in: What arguments does he put forward in support…

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