Violent Video Games and Their Effect on Children

Concerns Over Aggressiveness of American Teenagers Playing Violent Video Games There have been significant concerns among the Americans over the aggressiveness of the American teenagers who indulge in playing violent video games because they tend to imitate or engage in the violent activities they observe during the gameplay. An APA Taskforce...

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E-Sports and Online Gaming

The study is a critical analysis of how online gaming has changed the perspectives of the community, especially in the case of e-sports. The researcher used questionnaires, observations, and focus groups to harness information from 40 respondents majorly drawn from classmates and friends. Collecting information was based on a face-to-face...

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eSports Merchandises

In the recent past, there has been a cultural shift in the gaming industry occasioned by the development of technology ( Carter, et al. 2017, p.32). Unlike the traditional approach to the online gaming, people are embracing eSports where they watch their favorite players and teams compete against each other...

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Video Games and Social Outcomes

According to Greitemeyer and Mugge (2014), video games do affect the social outcomes of the players and may have an impact on violence among young people. They relied on data from 98 independent studies which revealed that there was a correlation between the increase in aggression and violent video games....

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Violent Video Games and Aggressive Behavior

The research attempts to examine whether playing violent video games results to corresponding aggressive behavior on children. While the number of American children playing video games has significantly increased, research show that there is need for concern since majority of video games played are violent. The hypothesis of the study...

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The Impact of Video Games on Children's Aggression

The revolution in technology has affected many aspects of lives and could have an impact on the aggressive behavior being witnessed in children. There are new media platforms such as Televisions and video games and their effect on children is being examined, bearing in mind that some children spend even...

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Application of Effective Teaching Methods in the Classroom

The teacher in the video: “Roller Coaster Physics: STEM in Action,” applies effective teaching methods. At the beginning of the lesson, she introduces the objectives of the teaching activities in a simplified manner for the 5th and the 6th-grade students. Further, she shows a great mastery of content and is...

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The Influence of Rationalization on Video Games

Paolo Pedercini's Perspective on Computer Games Paolo Pedercini states that computer games have a compulsion for efficiency and control and that they are a form of aesthetic rationalization. According to Pedercini, rationalization is the form of replacement of traditions and customs as motivators of human conduct in seeking quantification and calculation....

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Video Games and its Impact on Society

Introduction In today's world, video games have become part of modern day life and a source of entertainment for people of all generations. Both adults and children spent hours each day participating in this form of indoor activity. Video games came about as a product in the new age of computers...

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The Video Game Culture

The video game culture has evolved over time due to the emergence of new technologies and the dynamics in the gaming world. The popularity of video games can also be attributed to the development of a new gaming culture that allows for the use of the internet and other online...

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The Benefits of Video Games on Cognitive Functions

Video Games and Cognitive Development Video games have gained a lot of popularity with the advancement of technology experienced in the recent past. They are a prevalent form of entertainment among different people and most especially in teenagers and youths. A steady increase in the use of video games has been...

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The Impact of Video Games on Youth Violence

The Rise of Violence Among American Youths The writer makes a substantial argument that ascertains the rise of violence among American youths. It is commendable how he/she gives statistics in actual figures to validate the argument. By reading the introductory paragraph alone, the reader discerns the main subject of the text...

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