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Computer Mouse

Substitute: in some instances, changing the shape, size and weight of the mouse can make it more comfortable and straightforward to use. For example, ergonomic mice or trackballs can be used instead. Ergonomic mice are considerably smaller than the regular mouse and can be easily applied to connect to a...

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The Conflict between Science and Religion

Both science and religion are sources of knowledge for human beings. Religion is described as the beliefs and forms of worship that are mostly followed or pursued with great interest and devotion. It involves the worshipping of a power that is superhuman and that controls the cognitive abilities of human...

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A Comparison of Rationalism and Empiricism

Empiricism and rationalism are deemed to be two schools of thinking in the world of philosophy. Rationalism believes that opinions and actions should be undertaken majorly based on reason instead of religious beliefs or emotions. On the other side, empiricism is deemed to be an epistemological perception that reinstates that...

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The Question of the Tree Falling in the Forest

Empiricism is a conceivable and instinctual methodology of knowledge. The most renowned empiricists included John Locke, George Berkeley and David Hume (it does not mean that these philosophers agreed with each other, in some cases they had divergent opinions). Empiricist maintains that people can only know something if they can...

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Knowledge Argument

1. State your view on mental states and the argument you are to disagree with. The mind is one of the most significant organs of a human being's body as it determines how an individual comprehends and understands different issues. Generally, the mental state of an individual's mind refers to the...

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Knowledge Claims in Ethics and Science

Discipline is a branch of knowledge especially one studied in higher education. The different areas of expertise include arts, general knowledge, human sciences, mathematics, ethics, and history. There is always a difference in perspective over the disciplines as mentioned earlier as concerns knowledge claims. The difference comes about as a...

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The Tripartite Theory of Knowledge

I. For each of the following statements, fill in the blank with a ‘T’ or an ‘F’ to indicate whether the statement is true or false (1 point each). (10 pts) 1. __F___ On the tripartite theory of knowledge, truth is a sufficient condition for knowing. 2. __T___ Gettier claimed that justification...

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Language and Knowledge

Language and Knowledge Language and knowledge are closely related when the mind faculties are examined. Language acts as a map for creating knowledge and emphasizing understanding. Each language is coded differently with the other as there are different morphological, syntactical and semantical structures in the world languages. However, something similar with...

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Doubt and Knowledge

Introduction Knowledge is everything and anything that human beings understand or perceive through human senses such emotions, reasons, and justified reasons. Moreover, doubt entails all things that incite the mind of human beings towards questioning perceptions thus stimulating the process of thought of attaining knowledge. Uncertainty originates from doubt while knowledge...

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Application of Knowledge in Real Life

Between the nineteen seventies and eighties School life was totally different from real life. What was taught in school remained in school and could not be applied anywhere in real life. It was hard to use what was taught in school beyond the school compound. In this century however, things are...

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Bank Information Centre and International Economics

The world is increasingly getting interconnected via the world s economies. As the number of new states increases in the world, there has been seen an explosion in the number of nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and intergovernmental organizations (IGOs). IGOs have only states as members and the authority of decision making...

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Standardized Testing in the United States

My name is ……………………, a ………………year student at……………………. currently pursuing a degree in……………… I am a legal immigrant of Indian descent who moved to the United States of America and is residing in the southern state of Texas. During the time I immigrated to the United States of America, I...

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