Essays on Skepticism

The truth of reason: empiricism and rationalism

Reason's truth is critical in developing a grasp of the various notions that surround us. Skepticism is the polar opposite, in which meaning and reason are avoided. Descartes held that truth comes from God, who directed all of his reasoning and intuition. Reality is usually comparable and refers to the...

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The Good Life, Skepticism, and Proof

Skepticism is an attitude of doubt or skepticism directed at a doctrine of actual or uncertain experience, a system of judgment, or a specific object. People are prone to have cynical attitudes and opinions when it comes to important issues. This is because it is important for people to regulate...

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Al-and Ghazali's Descartes' skepticism

Following the historical insights of their cultures, there are many concepts to explore in Rene Descartes' and Al-philosophical Ghazali's positions. Descartes is regarded as the most prominent person who implemented the modern system of western philosophy in western countries (Descartes 2). On the other hand, some Muslim scholars and Western...

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