The Grief Cycle

Kubler-Ross, a Swiss psychiatrist, first explained the five phases of grief in 1969 by postulating the progression of emotions experienced by patients diagnosed with terminal illness and loved-ones after bereavement (K bler-Ross Kessler, 2014). The phases of mourning and grief are universal since people across different cultures experience...

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The Five Stages of Grief

In my society, people believe in the "Five Stages of Grief" myth In my society, people believe that before someone dies, there are various psychological stages that one has to go through. These stages are referred to as "the five stages of grief". This entails the emotional state that is experienced...

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Grief and Loss in Children and Adults

People react differently to the losing their loved ones, but one thing is evident across the different segments of populations, others appear upset, others do not. Grief and loss are dependent on individual personality, age, how they react to stress, gender, stage of development, nature of the relationship and previous...

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Use of Personification, Metaphor and Imagery in Addressing Grief

A fascinating poem that discusses sorrow is titled "Talking to Grief." In her poem, Denise Levertov depicts the transition of a dog from homelessness to acceptance as the primary member of the family. The first-person narrator emphasizes that before a death occurs, grief must be completely acknowledged and integrated rather...

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Nursing care focus

Nursing care focuses on the care and interventions that should be provided to clients/patients in response to their complaints. Nurses also provide grief counseling to patients who have had ordeals, such as the loss of a loved one (Butcher Wagner, 2013). Sometimes grief leads to depression, especially when the client...

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Grief and Types of Grief

Grief is a deep sense of loss produced by terrible events such as death. It has also been linked to a feeling that grabs people when they have experienced tremendous hardship, such as the destruction of their cherished belongings due to natural or man-made calamities. Grief is a natural experience...

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Grief: Case of bereavement

Grief is a state of intense grief brought on by unfortunate events like death. It has also been linked to the emotion that people experience after enduring tremendous hardship, such as the loss of their cherished possessions due to disasters and other natural or man-made catastrophes. All people experience grief...

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Griefs and Happiness

Introduction Human beings in their lives face ups and downs. Griefs and happiness are two moments of life. We neglect some of these moments as time pass by while others depart an eternal impression on the mind. We enjoy the moments of happiness whilst the times of mourning and distress plummet...

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