Essays on Ambition

Effects of Colonialism in US

The ambition to rule and exert influence over the majority of the systems in which they are directly involved has always existed among the most powerful nations in the globe. The United States has maintained its hegemony over the world political system for many years. Due to the United States'...

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Social Environment and Human Behavior

Iman (13 years old) attends White Star Academy and lives in Highrise Estate. She is a grade 8 student. Iman is a very driven kid who aspires to excel academically and take first place in his class. He hopes to study medicine and become a doctor so that he may...

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In the 1992 novel by Sinclair Lewis

Babbitt's Ambition to Belong to High Society From the outset, Babbitt’s ambition to belong to high society is so strong that it even prevents him from acknowledging his own beliefs and engaging in activity that he truly relishes. Babbitt is aware of the social structure and aspires to high society. He...

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Self-destruction and destruction

Ambition is a person's desire to achieve a certain goal. An optimistic individual is motivated by self-motivation, internal desire, and an emphasis on a particular goal. Being positive describes a person's ability to obtain what they want based on their self-interests and the expectation that they can attain their goal....

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