Philip Roth, Nemesis

Satires are used by the author to call into doubt the validity of Jewish religion. As the text makes clear, Bucky questions Marcia about the reason for Jewish polio victims' deaths. (Roth 63). He also demands to know whether God hears a believer's pleas, and if so, why do they...

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Literary analysis on "Doubt: the Parable" by John Patrick Shanley.

Doubt, a tale by Patrick Stanley, opens with the question "what do individuals do when they are unsure? So inquires Father Lynn, a beloved priest at St. Nicholas Church in the Bronx" (Shanley 13). The play begins with the priest speaking to his audience about the value of skepticism. He...

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The medieval pursuit of balance and virtue

According to Armstrong, the medieval pursuit of virtue and balance includes a number of principles that Christians should live by and put into practice on a daily basis (Deck 695). He illustrates certain takeaways from Lewis's conceptions of medieval religion that are manifest in contemporary human behavior. These themes include...

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Personal Centered therapy

In Stan's life, self-doubt is a hampering barrier. It is important to have a good bond with Stan, and the first step in helping him cope with self-doubt. I will listen to Stan appropriately, despite reading his autobiography and encourage him to share more about his life and memories, reaffirming...

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