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Compassion fatigue meaning

Compassion fatigue is characterized by mental and physical distress caused by excessive empathy for patients or their families. The illness has varying degrees of impact on caregivers such as nurses (Burnett, 2015). Depression, severe stress, rage, exhaustion, and a lack of enthusiasm at work are all symptoms of compassion fatigue...

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A New Definition of Compassion

Compassion is a human trait that is increasingly being recognized as a key predictor of health, happiness, and social well-being. It can increase social connections, improve relationships, and protect interpersonal bonds. It can also lead to a sense of wellbeing and peace. Despite this growing interest, there is a lack of...

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The Superiority of Vegan Leather over Natural Leather

It is possible to use leather for a number of purposes because it is a versatile material. The fashion and automotive industries, among others, place a premium on it. In many nations, especially India, the leather industry is a major source of wealth. People use leather extensively in their daily...

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