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Nature’s love is tender, intense, and satisfying. Because of its personal and intimate nature, it is unsuitable for scientific study. About the differences in each person’s emotions, different psychologists have developed various definitions in which love can be classified. When intimacy is involved in dating, scientists usually find it difficult…

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The Science Behind Déja Vu

Many believe that the feeling of déjà vu is caused by memory. And although memories are often on the tip of our tongues and in our minds, they’re not necessarily real. Cognitive psychologist Anne Cleary has investigated the nature of memory and the cause of deja vu, and found that…

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kinesics a non-verbal communication

Non-verbal communication plays a part in developing and sustaining non-verbal communication. They are used to communicate thoughts, sentiments with the use of gestures and actions rather than sentences. Kinetics, one of the facets of non-verbal contact, involves the gestures of the body – the ears, the arm, the hand and…

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