Essays on Kinesiology

Dance Kinesiology-Body Types

The term “somatype” is used to classify the human body according to the relative contribution of the physical structure of the body to the psychological, cardiovascular, masculinity, and elemental components of the body, such as weight distribution and other elements of heart rate, among others. This terminology and categorization approach…

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The Kinesiology Movement Behavior

Although it may appear that kinesiology is a modern discipline in our day and age, its application and studies actually go back hundreds of thousands of years to the ancient Roman era. In fact, certain physical movement parts of training are recorded in gladiator battles and chariot races, where battalions…

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kinesics a non-verbal communication

Non-verbal communication plays a part in developing and sustaining non-verbal communication. They are used to communicate thoughts, sentiments with the use of gestures and actions rather than sentences. Kinetics, one of the facets of non-verbal contact, involves the gestures of the body – the ears, the arm, the hand and…

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