The Importance of Deductive Reasoning in Formal Academic Writing

The arguments coined in the post are incredible and informative. It is argued that information is power and whoever has quality information is at a better position to effectively and confidently making logical arguments whether written or spoken. The foundation of formal academic writing is informed by conducting coherent research...

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This paper has been presented to (Professor’s Name) by (student’s name) on September 19, 2018 Question 1 It's possible that: Not all people apply for well-paying jobs; some apply for poorly paying jobs instead. Jane is a person that applied for and got a poorly-paying job. Question 2 The principle of Indifference is Assumption that...

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Formal Logic Explained

1. Use natural deduction to prove that the following arguments are valid a) P ∧ Q ∴ P ∨ Q 1. (P ∧ Q) → (P ∨ Q) 2. (P ∨ Q) ∧ (P ∨ R) → (Q ∨ R) 3. (P ∨ Q) ∧ (P ∨ R) ∨ (Q ∨ R) by implication...

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The Chronological Snobbery Fallacy

It is true that most interactions that happen between and among people are highly irrational. This is because logic is not the only way that humans use to purvey meaning. However, when one wants to make an argument based on logic and reason, one has to break away from this...

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The Emotion Does Not Settle Issues of Truth

Logical Fallacies and Their Definition Logical fallacies are defined as the methods in which a person intentionally neglects the laws of logic and fall into erroneous reasoning. They are both inductive and deductive in nature. According to Beverly (184), logical fallacies are ideas within an argument that commonly cause a mistake...

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Polly and the Narrator: An Analysis

PART II: Continue reading the passage. As you read, you will note that Polly is countering the narrator’s assertions or claims by identifying the logical fallacy that is being used. In the space provided, select the letter for the answer that best identifies the fallacy used in...

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Logical Fallacies

Logical Fallacies Logical fallacies, which are simply described as "mistakes in reasoning," can be done on purpose or accidentally, but they are typically used when we "deceive ourselves that we are making a strong argument when we have actually lost our way, somehow." (Wheeler). Upsetting as Readers and Viewers It is upsetting as...

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The Unit of Morals: Quality The unit of morals is the quality. The first example is sustenance, which is something that requires effort to acquire or maintain. These traits require assistance techniques for communicating moral standards, such as we must eat or die, and correct standards require assistance methods for teaching...

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codes of gender

The primary goal of this article The primary goal of this article is to compose an article on Gender Codes. Essentially, in order to complete this task, a well-written research report that relates to and promotes multiple claims will be written down. Most critically, the statements must be rational or make...

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A realistic logic study of Pascal's Mugger

This paper is essentially a realistic logic study of Pascal s Mugger. The writer s goal is to shift our perspective on life and how we see things. It tests our ability to optimize utility and make decisions based on probabilities we might have. The Plot of the Story The plot revolves...

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