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The Tomb of the Marquis Dai Family

Mawangdui: A Historic Tomb Site in China Mawangdui is a three separate tomb site found in china, in the eastern suburb of Changsha city. The Owners of Mawangdui The prime minister of Changsha state during the AD periods, Li Chang and his wife and son, Xing Zhui and Li Xi owned the site....

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Capitalism and Historical Archaeology

Capitalism, by definition, describes an economic system that is characterized by the control, ownership and use of property by private actors for their personal interests. Whereas capitalism exists in several different variations, the defining feature of any capitalist production mode is capital accumulation and the profit-oriented production of services or...

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The Meaning of Stonehenge

The Lascaux paleolithic cave paintings are among the famous paintings not only in France but also all over the world. In fact, Lascaux is among the World Heritage sites. In Lascaux, there are several cave paintings with different meanings and purposes with the famous paintings being the Fist Chinese horse,...

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Site Gridding and Documentation in Archaeology

The most fundamental part in archaeology is site gridding and documentation. Gridding helps to gather information concerning the past activities and the way of life of the population, that once inhabited that site. It is essential for an anthropologist to aspire towards exploring various sites gridding and documenting any material...

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Archeology of Achill Island

Archeologists always uncover historic artifacts, exotic places and fabulous objects that people would not presume to ever exist on our planet. Most of this objects and places are so compelling that they mask the prominent fact that past is important, and is only through the past that we can determine...

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Jericho History

Jericho is regarded as one of the oldest towns in the modern era. It was one of the villages that was walled off in the Jordan Plain, six miles north of the Dead Sea, in the middle of a palm tree grove. Jericho is also known as "The Date City"...

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Southern and Northern Sodom

Biblical archaeology has frequently been important in providing a precise account of the locations of physical locations mentioned in the Bible. The various biblical archeology reports, however, have helped to confirm the precise locations of cities. In some cases, disagreements between different authors have arisen as a result of the...

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An Analysis of W. F. Albright Works and the Impact on Biblical Archeology

William Foxwell Albright, one of the most renowned academics and archaeologists of his period, is regarded as one of the most productive archaeologists, having contributed significantly to the growth of the current biblical archaeology. He is regarded as a genius by many, largely because he discovered an incredible number of...

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Archeologists Cahokia society

Archaeologists have been attempting to demonstrate social diversity in society through social difference. They attempted to demonstrate how these civilizations employed funerary practices to suggest the type of lives these deceased people led, as well as how the architecture of their homesteads revealed the disparities in social position and wealth...

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Archaeological Field School

The Archaeological Field School at Weber State University focuses on historical events that occurred in the eastern Great Basin and Columbia Plateau. Dr. Brooke Arkushand's Weber State University students have been exploring various types of early rockshelters in the Skull Canyon drainage of eastern Idaho since 2012. Weber State University...

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Archaeology for understanding the past

Archaeology provides a fundamental foundation for understanding the past. The artifacts give historical information that is essential for investigation. Evaluating circumstances allows for comparisons between the past and the present. The report will be useful in the future. Archaeology has the ability to improve a country s economic standing. Museums...

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Review on Africanist Archaeology and Ancient IQ: Racial Science and Cultural Evolution in the Twenty-First Century

This article is a research work on African Archaeology and Ancient IQ by Scott MacEachern, an associate professor of anthropology at Bowdoin College. Regarding Scott's primary research interests, he investigates the connection between human evolution in Africa and assertions that the continent has low average IQ scores. Philippe Rushton and...

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