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I saw a variety of works of art that piqued my interest during my visit to the university of Pennsylvania museum of archaeology and anthropology, also known as Penn museum. Furthermore, because I had experience that we had been taught in class, I was able to appreciate these works even…

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oak island mystery

Many words have been invented by treasure hunters and writers to explain Oak Island’s mystery. The island has been the site of many costly and time-consuming treasure searches. The quest for lost treasures on the Island has lasted over two centuries, and no tangible treasures seem to have been discovered….

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Film Analysis

In the yr 1994, one of the most notable and remarkable archaeology discoveries of the decade got here to be known in a cave that is found in southern France referred to as Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc: etchings which are estimated to be around 30000 years old by means of age. The origin…

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Archeology in Iraq: Digging Out

Political instability may be a leading explanation for stagnation of archeological activities in Iraq. The war pitting the us of America and Iraq has been a serious explanation for the pause within the archeological activities. Additionally, the war is liable for destroying a number of the archeological sites due to…

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Discovery of Meadowcroft Rockshelter

Meadowcroft Rockshelter is an American historical archaeological site. The site was originally found by a individual called Albert Miller returned in the year 1955 and it is a rock on the hillside phase of Avella in Pennsylvania. It is a masterpiece show of the American native starting place revealing the…

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Archaeology and Cultural Values

Cultural values are essentially the main identifiers of people in society. Every community has particular values which determine terrible or good. The American people seem to be having uniquely special values from the people of Thai based on the thinking of individualism. The two main differences on cultural values between…

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Visual Archaeology

Visual archaeology, as the identify suggests, is any supportive materials that helps explanation of any archeological structure. O’Brien’s definition of visual archaeology tells us about the cities and towns that are representative of the perfect place of inhabitation for people. The following image meets O’Brien’s definition of visible archaeology from…

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Questions on Mesoamerican art

Question One Based on the archaeology definition, civilization is the past culture society and the way of life of people in a particular area. It is described as the systemic network of urban culture that has characteristics judged by political, economical military cultural and social interactions. The Olmec fit this…

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William matthew Flinders has made great contributions to the methods and techniques of field excavations. An Egyptologist and archeologist, he was born in 1853 in Charlton Kent, England. The dating method used by archeologist in reconstructing history was invented by him. Popularly known as Mathew Petrie, his interest in Egyptology…

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