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In the yr 1994, one of the most notable and remarkable archaeology discoveries of the decade got here to be known in a cave that is found in southern France referred to as Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc: etchings which are estimated to be around 30000 years old by means of age. The origin date made some of the oldest remnants of a human being that has never been discovered. Unsurprisingly, these remnants of inventive work possess a precious fragility. According to the experts, they assert that overexposure even to the elements can be stated to harmless as a breath of human could severely spoil or severely do damage to the drawings.
For that reason, a few got get admission to to the area. One exception goes there in the form of maverick German filmmaker Werner Herzog, who did not only got permission to the film with lights that has no capability of emitting heat but obtained that in 3D. This is a process that enabled him to be in a position of conveying the textured surfaces where the pictures are drowned together with the depth and shape of the caves stalagmites and other structures (Lord, 2016).

The astonishing 3D documentary gives exquisite detail of the cave as it is being explored by Herzog and also uses the visuals as a springboard to boarder philosophical questions that are concerned with the nature of the human and the humankind transience. (Lord, 2016).

Analysis of the movie

Drawing illustrations from the movie, the film follows the adventures of the personified well with lots of conversion to some beings with lots of emotions and images into explaining the archeological discoveries that for a long time has not been known. Using this technique attracts a lot of attention making the movie so interesting on to watch (Lord, 2016).

Moreover, the movie applied some humor through the use of images that had humor in them while explaining the artistic work of the archeological discoveries of the artistic work to bring forth a well and detailed explanation of the images. In this case, the films get a lot of attention with such individuals who are interested in images and works of humor (Steinbach, 2017).

The weakness and the faults of the film, the film did not make clarity of the meaning of the images that have been used in the movie. Looking deep into the insight of the movie, it’s a movie that could not easily be understood by those that are not good at interpretation of images. This is an issue that ought to have been done by the movie producers to favor the slow learners of interpretation of images (Steinbach, 2017).

Also, the moving did not a company itself with writing interpretations so that those having earing problems could be in a position of reading and unde4rstyamdong what is meant in the movie. If the movie could be in a position of giving an interpretation of the movie to those with disabilities it would have been renowned even to the farthest parts of the globe.

In conclusion, in my perspective, I liked the movie because of the audibility and the visibility that it had while pointing out the explanations about the artistic arts. With the better and understandable illustrations that the movie had I can easily recommend the movie to someone so that they are in a position of understanding the artistic work of France. Similarly, this will make them be in a position understanding the artistic work that entails everything when it comes to the origin of human beings.


Steinbach, K. (2017). Werner Herzog and the Posthuman in encounters at the end of the world and cave of forgotten dreams. Studies in Documentary Film, 11(1), 16-27.

Lord, C. (2016). Only connect: ecology between ‘late’Latour and Werner Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams. Global Discourse, 6(1-2), 119-132.

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