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Do you need a hand with your evolution essay? See the evolution essay samples below for more information. Word evolution derived from Latin “evolutio”, which means “unrolling”. Evolution essays describe evolution as a process of change and development of nature and society, which consists of a gradual change. Some authors of essays on evolution define it as the movement in nature and society, a slow, gradual quantitative change, leading, under certain conditions, to a qualitative change by way of a leap, a break in gradualness, a revolution. Evolution was first introduced by English scientist Charles Darwin in 1859 when he established the ideas that representatives of the same species are different, traits pass through generations, evolution is gradual and done through natural selection. Many essays on the topic explore Darwinism. Check essay samples here for inspiration!

Respecting Evolution, Charles Darwin and Herbert Spencer

Evolution can be defined as the process by which change is accumulated over time. The change is gradual and leads to a more complex form. Charles Darwin who is a British is said to be the father of evolution theory, his theory of natural selection brought a great revolution in...

Words: 1096

Pages: 4

The Concept of Rationality

Rationality can be defined as the ability to make sound decisions depending on one’s beliefs. Rationality relates what is true and what actions to take. It provides bases for actions taken by a person (Hale, 24). Human rationality can be identified by the logic deployed in their judgment. A rational...

Words: 892

Pages: 4

The Relationship Between Science and Intelligent Design

There has been a lot of debate on the qualification of the concept of intelligent design in the science realm. While some scientists and philosophers argue that the arguments presented in the intelligent design context cannot be observed and tested and can only exist as a quasi-religious doctrine, others hold...

Words: 1356

Pages: 5

Evolutionary Psychology in Social Work

A Psychosocial Theory Concept Paper – AnnotatedBibliography Dissanayake, E. (2017). Ethology, Interpersonal Neurobiology, and Play: Insights into the Evolutionary Origin of the Arts. American Journal of Play, 9(2), 143-168. The article provides a deep description of the theory of human evolution and its relation to ethology, which is the study of social...

Words: 535

Pages: 2

The Evolutionary Origin of Play in Human Development

Dissanayake, E. (2017). Ethology, Interpersonal Neurobiology, and Play: Insights into the Evolutionary Origin of the Arts. American Journal of Play, 9(2), 143-168.             This article journal explores the theory of evolution tenet of ethology. Ethology is the study of behavior based on social contexts and adaptive significance. According to the author...

Words: 1815

Pages: 7

Evolution of Technology

Technology and the Evolution of Society Technology is advancing day to day following the scientist efforts and innovation skills globally. The theory of technological evolution has been clearly discussed by the various scientist who showed their interest in formulation of evolution perspectives like Gerhard Lenski, Leslie White and Alvin Toffler whom...

Words: 1384

Pages: 6

The Evolution of Human Being

There is no doubt that evolution of human being is characterized by meat eating in various ways. Human’s digestive track is not obligatory. The body produces enzymes that are meant to digest meat, which aids in better physical growth and higher cephalization. Traditional practices were significantly based on the domestication...

Words: 2075

Pages: 8

The Evolution of Communication

Over the decades, communication has been one of the most evolved aspect with reference to human life. Today, with the press of a button, any form of message is sent regardless of the physical location or distance form the sender of the recipient. This has been the case with today’s...

Words: 1433

Pages: 6

The Paradox of Genius

Most creative people in history had their life organized around their work, but not their days.This is a paradox deemed true since they centered their life on their work but they did not have deadlines on when a job should be done. Take Einstein, for example, and he would doze...

Words: 1933

Pages: 8

The Future of Humanity is in the Hands of Humans

The future of humanity has been a topic of interest for most individuals as it is a mystery (Xue, online). In the past, natural selection and random mutation determined what lives and what dies such as through the cretaceous-tertiary extinction that occurred about 65 million years ago (Enriquez and Gullans,...

Words: 1305

Pages: 5

Darwin's Theory of Evolution

Darwin's Theory and Controversy Darwin's theory claims that the ability of species to adapt makes it able to survive. A species can adapt in many ways like self-defense and its ability to survive under different environmental conditions. The theory was considered controversial because it ignored the role of God in creation....

Words: 299

Pages: 2

The Role of Curly Hair in Human Evolution

Genetic Variation Genetic Variation is the differences in and among the human population, a situation where no two humans are genetically identical. The traits in human beings show significant variation between the population and sexes. A heritable trait may be acquired through genes that pass from parent to offspring, others through...

Words: 647

Pages: 3

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