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Do you need a hand with your evolution essay? See the evolution essay samples below for more information. Word evolution derived from Latin “evolutio”, which means “unrolling”. Evolution essays describe evolution as a process of change and development of nature and society, which consists of a gradual change. Some authors of essays on evolution define it as the movement in nature and society, a slow, gradual quantitative change, leading, under certain conditions, to a qualitative change by way of a leap, a break in gradualness, a revolution. Evolution was first introduced by English scientist Charles Darwin in 1859 when he established the ideas that representatives of the same species are different, traits pass through generations, evolution is gradual and done through natural selection. Many essays on the topic explore Darwinism. Check essay samples here for inspiration!

The Future of Humanity is in the Hands of Humans

The future of humanity has been a topic of interest for most individuals as it is a mystery (Xue, online). In the past, natural selection and random mutation determined what lives and what dies such as through the cretaceous-tertiary extinction that occurred about 65 million years ago (Enriquez and Gullans,...

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Darwin's Theory of Evolution

Darwin’s theory claims that the ability of species to adapt makes it able to survive. A species can adapt in many ways like self-defense and its ability to survive under different environmental conditions. The theory was considered controversial because it ignored the role of God in creation. It also conflicted...

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The Role of Curly Hair in Human Evolution

Genetic Variation is the differences in and among the human population, a situation where no two humans are genetically identical. The traits in human beings show significant variation between the population and sexes. A heritable trait may be acquired through genes that pass from parent to offspring, others through the...

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Evolution of Human Beings

Sexual selection in humans: a reflection of human mating and social systems           Sexually motivated selection is typical in all living creatures. Therefore, it is significant to understand various traits that affect the processes of selecting a mate. The behaviors vary depending with sex and in most cases do result in...

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Natural Selection Essay

Species is defined as the reproduction of fertile offspring. It is composed of related individuals that take after each other and are able to breed among themselves. It can also be defined as the reproductive isolation. The smallest unit of classification is the species. Population on the other hand refers to...

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Evolution research paper

Evolution encompasses the change that occurs in inheritable traits among natural populations among successive generations which are the expression of genes and are passed on from the parents to the offsprings through the process of reproduction. Essentially, every community bears certain unique traits such as genetic recombination, mutations as well...

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Chauvet Cave: A Forgotten Tourist Attraction

Among those historic places in the world that are revered in the community include the Chauvet Cave. Unlike other sites, the cave has received little attention because of the health risks that are associated with visiting it. Although the cave is among those places that are recognized as tourist attraction...

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The Human Variation

Chapter 11: The Origin and Dispersal of Modern Humans The human origin study cuts across many disciplines. It borrows evidence and data from anatomy, genetics, geology, and archeology. Three models are used to describe how modern humans have come to exist in the current states dating back to about 200,000 years....

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Evolution of Primates

To add to Syzanna’s response, the plesiadapiforms are characterized by small eye sockets on the side of the face with no bony ring that circles the eye. Also, some had claws and lacked nails. Additionally, the plesiadiforms had a wide gap between the anterior teeth. Another type of the primate...

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Human beings are distinguished from animals by their brains and advanced tool making skills.

The purpose of this essay is to present a detailed discussion on arguments for and against on whether the variances among human beings and animals only result from evolution by natural selection or not. Evolution is the process by which something gradually changes to a more complex form. Natural selection...

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Mate Selection Research Paper

Mate selection is the process of choosing a suitable and ideal partner either for companionship or to start a relationship. The process begins with identifying a potential partner with whom you are attracted to the physical and behavioral characteristics. Lessons learned from the website             The website states that the first step...

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Nature Education essay

Scitable by nature education directs the website. This website covers the topic habitat loss, diseases, bushmeat hunting, climate change and future directions. What I like about the site is optimism, that although people endanger primates, the reducing human activities and increased human care such as disease prevention can avert more...

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