Building Babies from the Bottom Up: A Good Idea?

In his article “Building Babies from the Gene Up,” Ronald Green discusses the concept, benefits, and risks of using gene modification to create genetically perfect children. Green, a professor and expert in biomedical ethics, religion, and morality, discusses how tinkering with genes during the pregnancy process is an unavoidable outcome…

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Scientific theories

The question of whether two individuals with identical genetic predispositions will have the same characteristics and traits appears to be unending. The advent of several scientific theories that place character and personality at the center of genetic lineage appears to have sparked this debate. Indeed, a common school of thought…

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Gene Discussion

Gene science is a general term used to describe the find out about and use of genes found in DNA and is classified into two wide categories namely gene remedy and gene enhancement. Gene enhancement and therapy utilize gene science to enhance and replace genes respectively. Genetic science is mainly…

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Case Study on Patenting a Gene

The patents for human genes include patents for genes belonging to human beings acquired in the laboratory from the human body isolated and manipulated. It would be absurd to patent a gene that is already on the human body, but I think the mechanism leading to the discovery of such…

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