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The DNA (abbreviation for deoxyribonucleic acid) molecule has a very special place in life science, making a DNA essay a worthy study. Essays on DNA teach us how DNA stores complete information about the structure and properties of the organism. Therefore, knowledge of all the structural features of DNA is fundamentally important. DNA essays often explore the structure of DNA – a famous double helix It was discovered by Watson and Crick in 1953, which started a new era in the history of human civilization – the era of molecular biology and genetics, biotechnology, and molecular medicine. Our DNA essay samples will make you well-equipped for writing your own essay. Simply check out samples of DNA essays below.

A genetically modified organism

A GMO is a microbe, animal, or plant whose genome has been altered through the use of genetic engineering techniques. In agriculture, GMOs are typically engineered to have hybrid characteristics such as increased nutritional value, improved product shelf life, and resistance to severe weather conditions, pests, and herbicides. The underlying…

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DNA in Forensic Science

The science of DNA forensics has been applied in various areas thru the analysis of small biological samples in growing a DNA profile. The DNA carries coded messages and is contained within the extraordinary cells in the body that contain a nucleus. It makes use of fingerprinting or blood samples…

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Pages: 5

DNA Extraction Procedure

The purpose of this practical is to extract DNA by both Youtube procedure or commonly used laboratory process called salting out method. Usual practice is to use one method, mostly, Youtube technique while comparing with effects of other method. Within each method, fruit samples of strawberry and kiwi fruits are…

Words: 1498

Pages: 6

Function and Structure of the Cell

Nucleus is the core of the cell and contains the natural material (DNA) as well as controlling all phone activities. In some organisms (prokaryotes) the cell does not have a nucleus. To operate its functions, it has structures known as organelles that useful resource in this. The cell is protected…

Words: 604

Pages: 3

Genes Research

Genes include the recipes for proteins without which the existence of life ought to not be possible. The chemical structure and form of the protein dictate its function as either a hormone, a catalyst, power storage, transportation or other functions that are crucial to the existence of life. The proteins…

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DNA in Forensic Science

Forensic science is the use of utilized science in determining the perpetrators of a crime in accordance with the laws of a country. In the previous science used to determine the suspects were generally governed by the fingerprints observed at the scene of the crime whereby they were compared towards…

Words: 1306

Pages: 5

Molecular Genetics Analysis

Question 1 The dogma idea provides the fundamental framework of how genetic facts flows from a DNA sequence to a protein product inside the cells. The different types of genes are known as alleles. Diploid organisms can have either two copies of the identical allele or one copy each of…

Words: 483

Pages: 2

Benefits of Viruses in the Human Brain

Retroviruses were integrated in human DNA millions of years ago. An investigation by Lund University in Sweden was instrumental to the development of this field through findings on the impact of retroviruses on the expression of genes. Johan Jacobson and his colleagues on the findings discovered that retroviruses impacted the…

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Cell and its importance

The existence of life forms called cells is not a new concept to mankind, though man may have been undermining its importance. Cells are the basic units of our existence as organisms. They are tiny units that serve as blocks with which our whole system is built. Cells also carry…

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Forensic science for crime solving

Forensic science is a branch of science that involves the use of genetic materials such as DNA to investigate and solve a crime and other legal situations. Some of the biological materials needed to determine a DNA match include semen, saliva, teeth, cells, bones, faeces, tissues and blood. The use…

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Partial Fin-Clipping as an Effective Tool for Tissue Sampling Seahorses, Hippocampus Spp

Researchers determined that Partial fin-clipping was indeed a beneficial instrument for tissue sampling in seahorses. The results of the study confirmed no significant impact of clipping a phase of the fin seahorses, whether long time period or short term, on their growth or mortality. The remoted DNA was also seen…

Words: 366

Pages: 2

Gene Discussion

Gene science is a general term used to describe the find out about and use of genes found in DNA and is classified into two wide categories namely gene remedy and gene enhancement. Gene enhancement and therapy utilize gene science to enhance and replace genes respectively. Genetic science is mainly…

Words: 666

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