Forensic science for crime solving

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Forensic science is a branch of science that involves the use of genetic materials such as DNA to investigate and solve a crime and other legal situations. Some of the biological materials needed to determine a DNA match include semen, saliva, teeth, cells, bones, faeces, tissues and blood. The use of forensic science includes the following: to prove that a person is innocent if mistakenly accused of a crime, to trace family relationship and paternity, and to identify the DNA samples present at a crime scene.
The evolution of population and the microbial life of organisms are the main concepts in Darwinian medicine, pathogen evolution, microbial communities, and drug resistance. For example bacteria with a developed resistance to antibiotics, HIV evolution that has brought resistant to other antiretroviral drugs, and plant and animal evolution where living things are said to have evolved during the Earth’s history.

Biological Diversity Evolution

This evolution refers to changes in living organisms. Examples include a genetic level in the population and the diversity among ecosystem. In the particular scale, biodiversity is observed at a temporal rate. For example, in winter, the bird biodiversity is smaller than in summer.

Plant and Animal Evolution

Plants and animals are grouped into multicellular eukaryotes. They originate from endosymbiosis where one cell ingests another but fails to digest it for some reason. In plants, leaves evolve multiple times, some dicots and monocots form underground organs like rhizomes, bulbs, and corms. In animals, mammals’ hooves have evolved from claws, ostriches have lost first and second toes, and fish have maximized the speed of their fin.

Population Growth

This growth is an increase in the number of living organisms. The growth mostly occurs in developing countries. In Asian nations, it has decreased recently due to the population limit (“What are Some Examples of Human Population Growth?,” 2015).

Biomes and Ecosystem

An ecosystem is a collaboration of living and non-living organisms in a given environment. (Biome, 2011). Examples are the following: aquatic biome has an ecosystem like kelp forests and coral reefs, and some species have wide classification but count like six biomes.


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