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Is it safe to use genetically modified organisms

Biotechnology has developed to be an extremely significant aspect of contemporary culture. One of the most important achievements of this technology is the advancement of engineered organisms. GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are being used in human culture. In reality, GMOs are now being used for commercial purposes. This has sparked…

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A genetically modified organism

A GMO is a microbe, animal, or plant whose genome has been altered through the use of genetic engineering techniques. In agriculture, GMOs are typically engineered to have hybrid characteristics such as increased nutritional value, improved product shelf life, and resistance to severe weather conditions, pests, and herbicides. The underlying…

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Building Babies from the Bottom Up: A Good Idea?

In his article “Building Babies from the Gene Up,” Ronald Green discusses the concept, benefits, and risks of using gene modification to create genetically perfect children. Green, a professor and expert in biomedical ethics, religion, and morality, discusses how tinkering with genes during the pregnancy process is an unavoidable outcome…

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The Fake Science of Biased Scientists

The Fake Science of Biased Scientists, a GMO article published on March 12, 2014 in The Health Bearer Journal, criticizes a group of scientists who appear to have been duped by multinational pesticide companies into supporting the latter’s “harmful” actions. The paper appears to be against the unapproved use of…

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Scientific theories

The question of whether two individuals with identical genetic predispositions will have the same characteristics and traits appears to be unending. The advent of several scientific theories that place character and personality at the center of genetic lineage appears to have sparked this debate. Indeed, a common school of thought…

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GMO Article

GMO, The False Science of Biased Scientists, released in the Health Bearer Journal on March 12, 2014, criticizes a group of scientists who claim to have been bribed by international pesticide corporations to endorse the latter’s “destructive” acts. The paper tends to be against the unapproved use of “GMOs” under…

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Pick a GMO: Dairy Cows

The controversy about the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) has dominated the press. Whether or not GMO foods are safe for human use, their production has increased over the past decade. Many countries have outright outlawed genetically modified organisms (GMOs), although others have limited their use. GMOs, on the…

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Why people should avoid GMO’S and eat organic food

Currently, as science and technology progress, humans are subjected to more information, schooling, and awareness, which has culminated in the production of Genetically Modified Organic foods (GMOs). Numerous studies have brought into question the health effects of eating GMO diets. According to Wells, the advancement of GMO diets has totally…

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Modified and Organic Foods and Processes

This journal discusses the various facets of organic food processing and biotechnology. Consumers’ views on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and organic foods in terms of their impact on health, the climate, and ethics were polled. Organic food consumption was discovered to be better than GMO-rich food consumption. Organic breeding techniques…

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The Supplementary Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP)

The Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) is the primary domestic hunger-relief program. The SNAP program’s goal is to provide nutrition assistance to millions of US people who come from low-income families while also providing economic opportunities to those populations. The service partners closely with nutrition educators, state governments, and faith-based…

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DNA in Forensic Science

The science of DNA forensics has been applied in various areas thru the analysis of small biological samples in growing a DNA profile. The DNA carries coded messages and is contained within the extraordinary cells in the body that contain a nucleus. It makes use of fingerprinting or blood samples…

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The Reasons Why People Should Eat Organic Foods

Consumers have turned to alternative diets that are better and cleaner than traditional or refined foods. As a result, organic foods have been well recognized in the industry for many years (Rembialkowska and Srednika-Tober 719). Organic foods are crops and livestock that are cultivated and processed without the use of…

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