The Fake Science of Biased Scientists

The Fake Science of Biased Scientists, a GMO article published on March 12, 2014 in The Health Bearer Journal, criticizes a group of scientists who appear to have been duped by multinational pesticide companies into supporting the latter’s “harmful” actions. The paper appears to be against the unapproved use of GMOs under the guise of “tested” imprints.
In a nutshell, the article examines the power that pesticide manufacturers wield. They employ both hard and soft power to keep research projects that appear to devalue their products and services at bay. Seralini is one of the scientists who has suffered as a result of the retaliation, with several of his articles being pulled from Elsevier Journal as a result. The writer mentions Dr. Pamela Ronald as one of the collaborating scientists in the scandal. The paper then lists the horizontal gene transfer as opposed to vertical one as the genesis of highly inflammatory foreign proteins, which are responsible for most deformations. It organizes its views by agreeing with the results received from various animal-feeding studies that portray a notable correlation between GMOs and human disease patterns.

The paper is appropriately structured. It has a defined thesis statement in the fifth paragraph arguing that the scientific credibility of the chemical technology fraternity is threatened by the undue influence from pesticide producers. The sentence introduces the article’s body that is also segmented by clearly defined sub-headings and paragraphs. Besides, the author divides the paper into two major sections with the first part laying the foundation for the bigger picture with general perspectives while the second part delves into the minute issues including the particular findings on the matter of GMO. The methodology used provides readers, especially those who lack the right foundation in GMO awareness, with several views on the subject.

The article appears to harbor genuine concerns and applies a mixture of logos, pathos, and ethos to win the trust of the audience. For instance, by referring to prior research studies, such as the ones by Jefferey Smith, the author builds its credibility. The approach helps to formulate the authenticity, especially in terms of referring materials from peer-reviewed sources. Later, by providing the story of a man with the dialysis treatment, the article manages, although in a limited way, to appeal to the audience’s emotions. Most importantly, by maintaining a professional tone and desisting from attacking the particular researcher’s character, it scores highly on ethics. According to Layla and Abuelrub (19), the content quality is maintained by the objective information without cultural, institutional, political, or religious biases.

Further, the writings have a date of publication. The inclusion of such critical details adds to the article’s integrity and content quality dimension as it assists readers in positioning the study on a timescale and discerning its relevance (Layla and Abuelrub 18).

Finally, the simplicity of the paper makes it suitable for the average type of audience. The writer assumes that the potential readers are not grounded in scholarly works. Particularly, the article is free of jargon words, even though it considers matters founded on technical fields, to engage the general audience. Besides, the author tries to simplify and tailor his views, for instance, by providing explanations for unusual words such as “vertical gene transfer” (The Fake Science of Biased Scientist 2).

Overall, the paper is persuasive in outlining the threat posed by undue influence on the field of chemical technology. The author observes simplicity and appears to be genuine to present the reliable and credible information, which is characterized by excellent reasoning. Nonetheless, the article could have been more useful if the author tried to appeal more to the reader’s emotions than simply present the data.

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The Fake Science of Biased Scientist. Health Bearer Journal, 2014.

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