Essays on Criminal Investigation

Forensic Photography

A permanent record of the state of the mishap and crime scene is created by forensic photography. shooters who investigate using forensic techniques are known as forensic, crime scene, or evidence shooters. Producing accurate, transparent, and objective images that can be used in court is the primary aim of a...

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Utilizing theories of social process and life course

The social process explains how people gain knowledge from their interactions with others. Several theories of crime in criminology are based on the idea of social process. The case is supported by symbolic interactionism, which investigates how people understand and define their social reality in light of their interactions with...

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The Case Profiling of Ivan Hill Essay

Case profiling is a social history investigation that focuses on the psychological and physical characteristics of an offender by gathering crucial information about that offender's character from various crime scenes in order to establish beyond a reasonable doubt whether the offense was committed or not (Turvey, 2011). As a result,...

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Reforms in US Private Prisons

There are two kinds of jails in the United States: federal and private. The criminal enforcement unit is an important aspect of the justice system and it is in charge of apprehending and convicting lawbreakers. According to Bureau of Justice statistics, private prisons held approximately 7% of non-profit company prisoners...

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Popular Cases by Clarence Darrow

Case 1: The Leopold and Loeb Trial The Prosecution Facts Richard Loeb and Nathan Leopold were adolescent friends convicted of abducting and murdering a 14-year-old boy from a famous family named Bobby Franks in 1924. Clarence Darrow was retained by the families of the two teens to represent them,...

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Forensic science for crime solving

Forensic Science Forensic science is a branch of science that involves the use of genetic materials such as DNA to investigate and solve a crime and other legal situations. Some of the biological materials needed to determine a DNA match include semen, saliva, teeth, cells, bones, faeces, tissues and blood. The...

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Health Reform of VA

For the Department of Veteran Affairs, 2014 was a turbulent moment. Following a claim that lengthy waiting times have been covered up for the ill veterans, an inquiry has been begun at several veteran health facilities. The uncovered details was damned, including the finding of concurrent waiting lists, cancellations for...

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