Essays on Healthcare Crisis

Arguments for and Against the Universal Healthcare System

The National Health Service (NHS) The National Health Service (NHS) was established primarily to provide “a comprehensive, integrated service free at the point of use” (Martin, Beech, MacIntosh, and Bushfield 2015). The system aimed to provide universal healthcare coverage to all in times of health care need (Oliver 2005, p.15). Despite...

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American Health Care System

The fact that illness prevention receives little attention in the American health care system is one issue. Even though the nation spends over $2 trillion annually on healthcare, tens of millions of Americans still experience everyday suffering from chronic diseases and illnesses that could be avoided. (Boulware, et al., 2016). In response...

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Health Disparities Based on Race and Gender in the US

Health Disparities in the US Health disparities are defined as variations in the incidence, prevalence, and outcomes of various illnesses, ailments, and other issues connected to one’s health among population groups. Health inequalities also take into account variations in the quality and accessibility of healthcare services, such as screening, treatment, and...

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trumps health policy hurdles

Healthcare has been a contested issue that has dominated both Democratic and Republican election campaigns and policy-making goals. The American healthcare system is far more costly than that of other developing countries such as Germany and Canada. The two political parties have repeatedly refused to find a compromise on an...

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System of American Healthcare

One of the current challenges facing the American healthcare system is the repeal, modification, or substitution of the Affordable Care program widely referred to as Obamacare. Because of the high health-related costs and the increasing aging population coupled with improved life expectancy, healthcare in the United States is a critical...

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Health Reform of VA

For the Department of Veteran Affairs, 2014 was a turbulent moment. Following a claim that lengthy waiting times have been covered up for the ill veterans, an inquiry has been begun at several veteran health facilities. The uncovered details was damned, including the finding of concurrent waiting lists, cancellations for...

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