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Deontological theory case study

Deontological theory emphasizes the role of obligation in determining whether actions are wrong or right. The deontological theory is applicable in this circumstance since it explains the doctor's responsibility to prioritize the patient's needs. Patient-centered care is becoming increasingly important in many healthcare systems and facilities. This model of care...

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Sources of Pediatric Care in the United States

Doctor's offices continue to be the most popular source of routine pediatric treatment. Private rooms, private clinics, health maintenance organizations, and prepaid groups are all part of the fount. Clinics are another frequent source of treatment, where children can get medical services at the facilities of a firm or school. The...

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Medical industry Brain Death Scenario

Doctors and nurses are continuously involved in a variety of scenarios, some of which can be difficult to describe. One such condition is brain death, in which the patient's brain no longer functions. Given the centrality of the brain in the human body, such a circumstance is more likely to...

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Nursing Professional Roles and Values

Dorothea E. Orem established the Self-Care Deficit Theory, which envisioned health as encompassing a person's mental state, body, and alertness (American Nurses Association, 2005). According to this view, treatment is improved and becomes effective only when the patient understands her illness or the causes that contribute to it. It is...

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A Framework for Ethical Decision Making Ethical dilemmas

Ethical quandaries are fairly widespread in health care institutions. Practitioners are forced to choose between two rights or wrongs, especially because the repercussions of both options are nearly identical. In this scenario, the practitioners are split between obeying the patient's wish and the demands of the family. Although though the...

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Euthanasia Debate Essay

Euthanasia is essentially a form of assisted suicide when a person is suffering from a terminal illness that precludes them from living a meaningful life. As a result, euthanasia is used to relieve chronic pain and suffering by ending the patient's life. There are two types of euthanasia: voluntary and...

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Euthanasia Only or Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide

Euthanasia is the process through which a patient suffering from an incurable disease is assisted to die in a painless manner. Physicians assist in such circumstances by allowing people to die without feeling much agony. It is an action that allows desperate and injured individuals to die painlessly out of...

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Health care providers questionnaire

Every day, health care practitioners must work with patients and families who have varying values, ethics, beliefs, religion, and spirituality. As a result, health care practitioners must inquire patients about their spiritual requirements and identify the role such needs play in a patient's health care. To establish a healing atmosphere...

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Evidence-Based Practice: Decision-Making Theory

Evidence-Based Practice comprises the explicit, careful, and prudent use of the most recent best evidence to make healthcare decisions for patients (Aeyard, 2013, p. 15). It entails combining personal expertise and talents with the greatest available clinical evidence acquired from scientific experimentation and experience. As a result, Evidence-Based Practice combines...

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The bariatric surgery and obesity

Evidence-Based Practice is defined as a holistic procedure that involves comprehensively solving the problems of an individual patient at the patient's convenience. As a result, it entails combining specific clinical experience with the most relevant external clinical proof produced through study. Clinical expertise is characterized as a clinician's accumulated experience,...

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The Strengths and Challenges of Implementing EBP in Healthcare Systems

Evidence-based practice is defined as the proper, explicit, and conscientious use of the most recent and best evidence in making decisions about individual patient treatment. Furthermore, it entails combining individual therapeutic experience with the finest external clinical data available from systematic research. In this example, clinical expertise refers to the...

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Evidence based practice knowledge and skills

Fellow medical colleagues are an excellent source of evidence-based practice information and skills. Physicians, fellow nurses, and any other clinician with extensive experience, or even one who specializes in the area of interest, fall into this category. They can be long-term sources of information as well as mentors (Melnyk, Fineout-Overholt,...

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