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Quality Improvement Activities

This activity has been developed for the intermediate EHR student user. The student will review five patient charts from the EHR. Using “Plan, Do, Study/Check, Act” (PDSA/PDCA) students will analyze the documentation of consents in the chart for accuracy and quality. Quality management, performance improvement and initiatives within a healthcare...

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Patient Autonomy in Medical Decision Making

Over the last fifty years, the methods in which doctors and physicians approach medical decisions have changed significantly. The medical choices for many generations have always been left exclusively for doctors and patients if they chose to be part of it, but they still had little say in the final...

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The Impact of Electronic Medical Record on Patient-Doctor Relationship

The article is a research based on secondary sources to establish how EMR impact the doctor-patient relationship. A literature review of the subject is conducted from relevant sources such as the Ovid MEDICINE with a clear focus on key terminologies that are related to medical technology and communications. The study...

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The Importance of Health Literacy in Patient Education

In the recent past, advanced nurses are increasingly involved in systematic studies focusing on the relationship between health outcomes and health literacy. These systematic studies have demonstrated that patients tend to engage in fewer self-care habits, worse disease-associated knowledge and preventive health as their health literacy declines (Fitzpatrick...

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advancements in healthcare

Healthcare and Value-Based Reimbursement Healthcare has made a lot of progress recently. There are many models that have been developed to explain how health care is delivered and how it is paid for. The value-based reimbursement approach investigates how to pay medical staff and facilities based on the value they contribute...

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Physician’s quality practice data

Health Plan's Assessment of Physician Quality Practice Data Health plans are able to assess physician quality practice data, and this establishes the foundation for quality service improvement within health centers. This can be done by analyzing administrative and enrollment statistics along with health plan evaluations. Results of a doctor's accepted quality...

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Healthcare Industry Laws and Regulatory Agencies

Healthcare Regulations and Operational Challenges There are numerous healthcare rules and regulations at the federal, local, and state levels. In actuality, however, the regulations present operational challenges and lead to procedures that do not benefit the patient or the organization. The price of providing healthcare services rises as a result of...

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The Heart Transplant Dilemma

Three patients with congenital cardiac disease were recently admitted to the Ladnan hospital. All three patients require a heart surgery in which the patient's heart is swapped out for a donor heart. At Ladnan Hospital, the need for donor hearts is increasing, but the quantity of donor organs has stayed...

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Community Health Centers and Affordable Care Act

The "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" was enacted by President Barack Obama in 2010. The most significant changes to the American healthcare system have ever been made are contained in this law. (Rosenbaum, 2011). Now that this legislation is in place, every American citizen has access to high-quality healthcare...

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A delayed discharge

When a patient is deemed healthy enough to be discharged but is unable to do so because plans for their ongoing assistance and care have not yet been finalized, this is referred to as a delayed discharge. The use of nurse-led release protocols, multi-agency discharge protocols to enhance multidisciplinary working, home-based...

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Privacy and Patient Rights

The Healthcare Industry and the Switch to Electronic Health Records (EHR) The healthcare industry is constantly evolving, and this includes the tools that doctors use to provide patients with high-quality care. But there has been a lot of interest in switching to the new electronic health records from paper-based medical records....

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Healthcare Practices Focused on the Patient

The symptoms of the affected individuals in the organizations in the subject under examination include localized irritation in infected fingers, development of an allergic reaction, and relapsing fever for those who had multiple bug bites. It's also important to note that the symptoms in the individuals appeared 48 hours later. ICD10Data,...

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