Abdominal pains

Abdominal Pain and its Prevalence

Abdominal pain is one of the few discomforts that cause victims to visit clinical emergency departments (CED) on a regular basis. While they provide difficulties for clinicians, victims may also be unable to pinpoint the source of their pain. According to statistics, the elderly make up a sizable proportion of those suffering from stomach pain (Spangler, Van Pham, Khoujah, & Martinez, 2014). In reality, as the world's population grows, so does the proportion of people with difficulties. Epigastric pain is one of the most common aches in this situation. It is typically characterized by an aching sensation in the upper section of the abdomen, directly below the ribs (Kerkar, 2016). Unlike other abdominal complications, its distinct physiology leads to atypical representations, whose vital signs to a disease are less predictable, an issue that TJ experiences. This paper, as such, evaluates the 55's year old epigastric pain to evidence the possibility of H.Pylori.

Zantac and its Effects on Epigastric Pain

Before visiting the physician, TJ has been taking Zantac, a drug categorized with histamine-2 blockers. It prevents and treats ulcers by reducing the secretion of gastric acid (Ogbru, 2017). It also stops heartburn by lowering gastroesophageal reflux and other acid imbalances problems. However, despite its positive portrayal, Zantac has secondary effects that cause abdominal pains. As such, there are chances that, it accelerated TJ's epigastric pain, rather than reducing or curing it. Markedly, this is why patients should seek medical advice before buying OTC drugs. Additionally, TJ would also be experiencing Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori). It is characterized by bleeding ulcers, a condition he was diagnosed a year before the clinical visit. Even so, its anticipated occurrence contributes significantly to epigastric discomforts as well. Studies contrariwise, suggests that although alcohol does not bring ulcers, its consumption alongside smoking, influence the ulcers hence epigastric pains.

Treatment Options for Epigastric Pain

All the same, the patient has been using NSAIDs to treat osteoarthritis. As a result, to avoid overdosage, I would order Cimetidine to reduce his epigastric pain (Ogbru, 2017). It produces the desired properties by inhibiting excessive secretion of gastric acid, which results in ulcers (Ogbru, 2017). Furthermore, while the drug has favorable effects on gastric inflammations, a condition that causes epigastric pains as well, many physicians prescribe Cimetidine for an epigastric cure (Ogbru, 2017). Likewise, since there is an anticipated possibility of H.Pyroli, I would specify TJ with the first-line treatment of concomitant therapy composed of metronidazole, clarithromycin, and amoxicillin (Santacroce, 2016). However, if the medication fails, I will adopt a triple therapy with regimen drugs like omeprazole, tetracycline, and bismuth subsalicylate after every 10-14 days (Santacroce, 2016).


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