Communication for therapeutic relationship between practicing nurse and patient

Communication and Therapeutic Relationship

Communication, according to Murray, Zentner, and Yakimo (2014), is essential for developing a therapeutic relationship between the practicing nurse and the patient. It is critical for a nurse practitioner to develop strong communication skills in order to establish a working relationship with the client. As a result, the nurse-patient connection is an indicator that the nurse is developing a safe relationship, that the patient is feeling confident, that the nurse is reliable, and that there are clear limits between them due to variations in cultural customs, beliefs, and values (In Edelman, In Mandle, & In Kudzma, 2014).

Tolerating and Accommodating Differences

As an Advanced Practicing Nurse, the most probable ways of responding to clients with values that conflict mine are to tolerate their difference and accommodate their opinions. For instance, I am trained to work with people from different cultural backgrounds, thus, I am informed of the possibilities of existing variations in cultural beliefs and values that shape and influence the characters of many patients. Hence, through tolerating and accommodating their indifferences, I able to communicate with them as well as encourage them to respect each other’s values and set boundaries by clarifying values and incorporating the varying diversities.

Overcoming Potential Barriers through Listening

Finally, the aspect of communication process that I can use to overcome potential barriers is the listening aspect. I am already aware that the patient is in need of medical attention hence listening to him or her provided the best opportunity to identify the most appropriate medical intervention for the problem. For instance, Leifer and Fleck (2013) found that listening patients’ issues and concerns enables the nurse to become the patients’ sounding board, thus, understand the patients from various perspectives.


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