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In your profession essay, you may define profession as a person’s career or occupation, which required prior education, training, or both. Profession derived from Latin "professio", which means “official occupation”. Some writers of profession essays define profession as a relatively wide type of work activity, which requires certain knowledge and work skills. Essays on profession teach us that choosing a profession not just means choosing a job, but accepting ethical norms, rules, principles, values , and lifestyle that come with it. Profession, chosen by a person in accordance with their calling, inclinations, and abilities becomes a source of inspiration, satisfaction, and joy, and also of great benefit to society as a whole. Our profession essay samples will teach you all you need to know about the topic – view the best essay samples below.

Being a police officer

The career of a police officer is one of the most demanding that anyone might have had. It is one of the foundations of government in its role in the preservation of peace and justice, and hence of law and order. An enormous duty allows a person to possess tremendous…

Words: 1392

Pages: 6

Improving Nursing Shortfalls in the American Healthcare Industry

Nurses are imperative in the delivery of healthcare because of their proximity to sufferers compared to other healthcare providers. Their shortages can confer momentary and long-term impacts, or permanent compromise of healthcare quality and safety. The shortages are multifaceted, though they can be potentiated by human resource, systemic and structural…

Words: 1841

Pages: 7

United States and Social Security

The Administration of Social Security represents an autonomous agency within the Federal that unites the retirement components, survivors of social problems and disability insurance industries. It includes old age benefits, disability and survivor insurance. The Federal Insurance Act’s mandate is to distribute funds in payroll taxes for the industry. In…

Words: 301

Pages: 2

Electrical Engineering Occupation

An Electrical Engineering occupation is one of the most aggressive and sought-after careers as a result of the high demand for electrical engineers and other components that make it so competitive in the workforce to date. Currently, the high proportion of the electrical engineers from foreign countries makes it difficult…

Words: 325

Pages: 2

In the Waiting Room – Elizabeth Bishop

From a broader viewpoint, “In the Waiting Room,” written by Elizabeth Bishop, brings to the fore the uncertainty of the “I” and the autonomy as connected to the old-fashioned limits of the inside and outside of a body. This poem reflects on the reaction of a young girl waiting for…

Words: 1507

Pages: 6

Importance of effective communication and cultural safety in nursing practice

Cultural safety is one of the most significant concepts of provider provision. It helps in closing inequality gaps that can disrupt care provision, as well as address accessibility barriers. Unlike the expert-driven applications where the provider asserts authority via active and passive means, cultural safety calls for participation and wholesome…

Words: 483

Pages: 2

Intentional Tort Law

In the medical sector, the care of patients and discreteness are the major codes of morals addressed. Any medical doctor and health practitioner that refuses to flow with the codes of morals is deemed to rupture the codes of professionalism. Based on this, I firmly concur that, what happened to…

Words: 266

Pages: 1

Medicine Men or Curanderos

According to the most literal dictionary definition, medicine men or curanderos are superstitious traditional Native healers found in the American hemisphere and Mediterranean Europe. They originated from the blending of Native American and old European folklore. Even in this day and age, people believe in them and their magical ability….

Words: 1470

Pages: 6

Nursing educational career 3 goals

I have to say that the decision of my nursing career has been largely the product of my past practice, which has helped me enjoy the profession over a period of time. Being the first child in my family, I was brought up by being encouraged to be responsible not…

Words: 753

Pages: 3

“Without Access, police body cameras won’t live up to promise”

For years, several innocent people have killed or been injured at the hands of corrupt police officers. Many of the officers abuse the authority granted to them by the constitution, harassing and even murdering ordinary people. Aside from that, certain people kill their coworkers in order to silence them or…

Words: 1096

Pages: 4

Spirituality and Culture in the Delivery of Care

As a registered nurse, it is a requirement to reveal professionalism while giving care to different sufferers that hails from varying background. For example in addressing spirituality, a nurse is required to first set up a rapport with a client. At this juncture, the patient is provided with an possibility…

Words: 310

Pages: 2

Analysis for Decision tree

According to Marquis and Huston (2009), the decision tree in the nursing sector is one of the several central players that serves to advise nurses on what they need. As any other decision tree in any field, it is a visual framework that encourages the investigation of possible and feasible…

Words: 462

Pages: 2

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