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In your profession essay, you may define profession as a person’s career or occupation, which required prior education, training, or both. Profession derived from Latin "professio", which means “official occupation”. Some writers of profession essays define profession as a relatively wide type of work activity, which requires certain knowledge and work skills. Essays on profession teach us that choosing a profession not just means choosing a job, but accepting ethical norms, rules, principles, values , and lifestyle that come with it. Profession, chosen by a person in accordance with their calling, inclinations, and abilities becomes a source of inspiration, satisfaction, and joy, and also of great benefit to society as a whole. Our profession essay samples will teach you all you need to know about the topic – view the best essay samples below.

Sources of Pediatric Care in the United States

Doctor's offices continue to be the most popular source of routine pediatric treatment. Private rooms, private clinics, health maintenance organizations, and prepaid groups are all part of the fount. Clinics are another frequent source of treatment, where children can get medical services at the facilities of a firm or school. The...

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Medical industry Brain Death Scenario

Doctors and nurses are continuously involved in a variety of scenarios, some of which can be difficult to describe. One such condition is brain death, in which the patient's brain no longer functions. Given the centrality of the brain in the human body, such a circumstance is more likely to...

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Pages: 5

Health care providers questionnaire

Every day, health care practitioners must work with patients and families who have varying values, ethics, beliefs, religion, and spirituality. As a result, health care practitioners must inquire patients about their spiritual requirements and identify the role such needs play in a patient's health care. To establish a healing atmosphere...

Words: 1544

Pages: 6

Evidence based practice knowledge and skills

Fellow medical colleagues are an excellent source of evidence-based practice information and skills. Physicians, fellow nurses, and any other clinician with extensive experience, or even one who specializes in the area of interest, fall into this category. They can be long-term sources of information as well as mentors (Melnyk, Fineout-Overholt,...

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The role of nursing: Annotated Bibliography

For a long time, the role of nursing has dominated conversations about the quality of care. Unlike nursing, which has retained the majority of its intrinsic traits, healthcare is a dynamic sector in which the manner in which patients' needs are met has changed over time. Long-term care facilities have...

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Health informatics & Pharmacy Informatics

Health informatics is a broad word that refers to the act of obtaining, storing, and utilizing various health information in order to create improved collaboration among patients in various health care provider facilities. Various specialties in hospitals are currently attempting to move and organize their data so that they can...

Words: 1005

Pages: 4

Nurses in the hospice services

Hospice nurses are required to assist patients towards the end of their lives. Yet, numerous aspects of palliative care, such as end-of-life problems, psychosocial care, symptoms, and pain control, must be handled ethically. When interacting with patients at this level, nurses' professional positions require them to adhere to high levels...

Words: 2019

Pages: 8

Comfort and Hospice Nursing

Hospice nursing entails working with terminally ill patients to provide them with the essential support and quality in their final days; rather than focusing on the healing process, these nurses focus on providing quality healthcare to patients who are already on their deathbeds. Hospice Nurses work at hospice facilities (a...

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Volunteering at Fair Acres Nursing Home

I volunteered at Fair Acres Nursing Center in practically every capacity. I participated in the ever-popular bingo games. I decorated nursing home units. In the company of other volunteers, nurses and visitors invited to parties provided aid and amusement. I was part of a team that led discussion sessions and...

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Live kidney donation: what are our ethical responsibilities

In many aspects, the early postoperative nursing care for both the recipient and donor in renal transplantation is similar to that of any other major surgical treatment (Hinkle & Cheever, 2014). The emphasis is mostly on maintaining physiological homeostasis through electrolyte and fluid balance. Wound treatment is also essential. The...

Words: 431

Pages: 2

Methods and Meanings: Credibility and Trustworthiness of Qualitative Research

In the nursing profession, research is essential for practice, with the latter being based on empirical evidence derived from the former. Two peer-reviewed research articles are referenced and criticized in this article critique in order to emphasize evidence-based practice in the nursing profession. The work of Elizabeth Manias, "Complexities of pain...

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Prevention of Surgical Infections: Analysis and Application

In their daily work, nurses are guided by well-researched and documented evidence. These recommendations are published in a document known as the Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs). The paper is essential for any practicing nurse because it comprises countless cases and symptoms that various patients exhibit (Jcaho, 2011). The rules provide...

Words: 1740

Pages: 7

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