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In your profession essay, you may define profession as a person’s career or occupation, which required prior education, training, or both. Profession derived from Latin "professio", which means “official occupation”. Some writers of profession essays define profession as a relatively wide type of work activity, which requires certain knowledge and work skills. Essays on profession teach us that choosing a profession not just means choosing a job, but accepting ethical norms, rules, principles, values , and lifestyle that come with it. Profession, chosen by a person in accordance with their calling, inclinations, and abilities becomes a source of inspiration, satisfaction, and joy, and also of great benefit to society as a whole. Our profession essay samples will teach you all you need to know about the topic – view the best essay samples below.

US Healthcare vs. Canada Healthcare

The following three reviews of literature seek to demonstrate the differences between Canada and the United States in terms of physician experience, patient privacy concerns, and family physicians’ attitudes toward their respective healthcare systems. Three basic questions were asked to direct the analysis in a research article by Hayes et…

Words: 499

Pages: 2

To protect my son, I had to wish for his death.

The article is written from the perspective of a mother concerned about her son’s health, which is now in the care of doctors. The mother praises her son for being such an outstanding person, remembering how far he has come in such a short time. The mother is torn between…

Words: 885

Pages: 4

internship and learning experience

Throughout my internship, I achieved a variety of job accomplishments. For eg, I was a hard worker who was obsessive about consistency. My guider was influenced by the essence of the work I was continually devoting toward completion. By the end of this week, I had gained my manager’s confidence,…

Words: 791

Pages: 3

Internship Abroad

Centered on my course, I learned a lot of things during my internship as a material engineer at a business in the United Kingdom (Mechanical engineering). During the internship, I had the chance to highlight and display everything I had learned at university as part of my course. As an…

Words: 1393

Pages: 6

The paper aimed at discusses the Microorganisms that cause Gingivitis.

The aim of this paper is to explore the microorganisms that cause gingivitis. The introduction to the essay is presented in the article. It explains the definition of Gingivitis, the signs and effects of the condition, how the illness affects patients, how physicians diagnose it, and some of the diseases…

Words: 2919

Pages: 11

should Physician-Assisted Suicide be legalized

Owing to the derogatory connotation associated with the word “suicide,” physician-assisted suicide is often referred to as “physician aid-in-dying.” Nonetheless, this is a situation in which a person finds the aid of a psychiatrist in order to end their lives for one cause or another (Bok, Dworkin, Frey & Bok,…

Words: 381

Pages: 2

The most problematic ethical dilemma

The most challenging ethical quandary occurs as the doctor must determine whether to conceal or reveal the pilot’s medical records to the corporation. In this case, a famous airline pilot has a heart murmur. Provided that the pilot has only one month until retirement, the doctor must determine whether to…

Words: 584

Pages: 3

To protect my son, I had to wish for his death.

The article is written from the perspective of a mother concerned about her son’s health, which is now in the care of doctors. The mother describes her son as an incredible boy, emphasizing how far he has come in such a short time. The mother is torn between continuing to…

Words: 882

Pages: 4

Being a police officer

The career of a police officer is one of the most demanding that anyone might have had. It is one of the foundations of government in its role in the preservation of peace and justice, and hence of law and order. An enormous duty allows a person to possess tremendous…

Words: 1392

Pages: 6

Improving Nursing Shortfalls in the American Healthcare Industry

Nurses are imperative in the delivery of healthcare because of their proximity to sufferers compared to other healthcare providers. Their shortages can confer momentary and long-term impacts, or permanent compromise of healthcare quality and safety. The shortages are multifaceted, though they can be potentiated by human resource, systemic and structural…

Words: 1841

Pages: 7

United States and Social Security

The Administration of Social Security represents an autonomous agency within the Federal that unites the retirement components, survivors of social problems and disability insurance industries. It includes old age benefits, disability and survivor insurance. The Federal Insurance Act’s mandate is to distribute funds in payroll taxes for the industry. In…

Words: 301

Pages: 2

Electrical Engineering Occupation

An Electrical Engineering occupation is one of the most aggressive and sought-after careers as a result of the high demand for electrical engineers and other components that make it so competitive in the workforce to date. Currently, the high proportion of the electrical engineers from foreign countries makes it difficult…

Words: 325

Pages: 2

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