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In your profession essay, you may define profession as a person’s career or occupation, which required prior education, training, or both. Profession derived from Latin "professio", which means “official occupation”. Some writers of profession essays define profession as a relatively wide type of work activity, which requires certain knowledge and work skills. Essays on profession teach us that choosing a profession not just means choosing a job, but accepting ethical norms, rules, principles, values , and lifestyle that come with it. Profession, chosen by a person in accordance with their calling, inclinations, and abilities becomes a source of inspiration, satisfaction, and joy, and also of great benefit to society as a whole. Our profession essay samples will teach you all you need to know about the topic – view the best essay samples below.

Review of the SPJ Code of Ethics

The Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) Code of Ethics The Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) has laid down guidelines for journalism conduct which deal with several ethical issues associated with the profession. The most outstanding code of ethics is about truthfulness which requires journalists to use original sources and verify information...

Words: 965

Pages: 4

Safety Risks in Mrs. F's Home

Mrs. F is faced with various safety risks at her home and these may also have a negative effect on her husband once he is out of rehab. Firstly, the house is old and has not undergone refurbishment over a long period. Subsequently, Mrs. F is at risk of being...

Words: 827

Pages: 4

Advanced Circuit Analysis: Exploring Theorems and Methods in DC and AC Circuits

a. Applying KVL to each loop in the circuit in figure one below we obtained the expression for voltage as: Figure 1: Question 1a Loop with I1: Loop with I2: Loop with I3: Therefore the matrix formed using equations i, ii and iii is given by: ...............i QUESTION 2 The generalized electrical equations...

Words: 566

Pages: 3

Professionalism in Teaching and Learning

The Importance of Highly Trained Teachers The effective and efficient learning process is vital in any learning institution. There is a fundamental need for highly trained teachers and assessors. The quality of education goes in tandem with the quality of teachers in the system. The learning professionals in the learning system...

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Joe Smith's Professional Relationship with Judges

Politics, public opinions and interest groups are among the factors that influence the decision making process of judiciary. With regard to Attorney Joe Smith case, there are numerous advantages that are associated with his professional relationship with judges. One of the advantages that can be accorded to Joe is the...

Words: 314

Pages: 2

The Texas Judicial System

Like the state itself Like the state itself, the Texas judicial system is extensive and complex. It uses the common law system, which depends on written laws as well as the judges' interpretations of those laws over time. However, for decades, the Texas judicial system has been criticized for its inability...

Words: 644

Pages: 3

Qualities of a Nurse

In the nursing profession, different qualities contribute in making a successful nursing career. In addition to passing exams, successful nurses possess different traits that can either make them successful in their work or not. In an effort to establish successful career, nurses are required to show traits or natural qualities...

Words: 881

Pages: 4

Gender Stereotyping within the Nursing Profession

The History of Male Nurses Often male people decide to pursue nursing for self-actualization or survival needs or for the failure of not attaining medical school qualifications. Nursing training was not being offered to male due to the stereotype that it was only meant for female counterparts. After a change in...

Words: 1261

Pages: 5

My Career As A Social Worker

I am a dedicated, enthusiastic, professional person with extensive experience in social work. Such traits are crucial as they enhance me even in the most challenging environments.  As a social worker, my main commitment is the deliverance of highest standard of service at all times and utilizing my strong communication...

Words: 567

Pages: 3

Social Work Reflection Summary

Author’s note: The reflective summary will show the skills and knowledge required by social workers to deal with clients as taught during the course content and on the journal inputs from each learning milestone. Social Work Reflective Summary Introduction             Social workers provide human services, and in the process, they have to integrate...

Words: 1910

Pages: 7

Robert Karl, Social Worker

I interviewed MR. Robert Karl I interviewed MR. Robert Karl who is a social worker at his place of work. I started by asking him about his profession and informed that he was a social worker expert and held a bachelor’s degree. He has been working for Elder Service Corporation Agency...

Words: 383

Pages: 2

The Adjudicative and Non-Adjudicative Processes

The Court Decision-Making Process The court decision-making process has been a leading concern and subject of debate in the political science field. The legal theorist has developed different approaches in an attempt to establish a positive turn. The three primary factors that mainly influence the lower courts in their methods of...

Words: 323

Pages: 2

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