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Aesthetic Aspects of Architecture

Architecture is a tool that modifies the natural environment, through designs human-made structures – apartments, malls, health centers, factories, etc. Architecture works hand-in-hand with the fundamentals of planning to enhance the outlook of the surrounding environment. Nonetheless, architecture, should not create a ‘concrete jungle' but develop a social environment –...

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Architecture in Oceania

Oceania Oceania is a continent located at the southeastern part of the world, the Pacific Ocean and Indian ocean surround that at the same time on the foundation. Australia is one of the country's located in that geographical region.[1] Indigenous People The indigenous people who inhabited the land during the pre-colonial period are...

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Labor Market Analysis

An electrical architect's job description includes configuring, making, testing, and physically putting together a variety of electrical and electronic parts, such as radar and route frameworks, electric motors, power generation equipment, and correspondences frameworks. They have a great deal of expertise designing electronic equipment, including that used in frameworks for...

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Eclecticism at the Sagrada Familia Church

Eclecticism in Architecture Eclecticism is a style of architecture that combines aspects of gothic architecture with contemporary features to produce an authentic design. Zekrgoo (2017) claims that eclecticism is used to create designs while simultaneously preserving historical advancements in building. The builder can be more creative and expressive with this style...

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Kazakhstan Central Asia

Kazakhstan's capital city, Astana, is situated in Asia's northern region. This town has grown way too much. The northernmost capital city in Central Asia is located in a region of flat floodplain terraces with a distinctly continental climate. The modernity that is reflected in capital city urban planning is one...

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The Career of an Architect

Architects: Designing the Future Architects are designers who create plans for buildings, structures, and cities. They use their skills to meet a variety of needs, including aesthetics, safety, and accessibility, functionality, cost, and construction materials and processes that do not harm the environment.The Design Process The first step in designing a building...

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An Effective Communication in Architecture

Written communication is regarded as a creation of the world's greatest minds, and it is no less significant in architecture. The most crucial aspect of any situation is communication because it is the only channel for expressing ideas and concerns about what needs to be done. The manner of communication...

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History shows that the original St. Peter’s Pizza

History of St. Peter's Pizza History reveals that the aspirations of the founding pope Alexander VII and his preferred architect, Gian Lorenzo, led to the creation of the original St. Peter's Pizza. The Vatican City, the world's tiniest nation, nevertheless has this building standing. This essay aims to decipher the visual...

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The biggest Buddhist temple in the world, Borobudur, is a Buddhist temple from the 9th century located in Central Java, Indonesia. One of the biggest Buddhist monuments in the entire globe is this one. Three circular and six square platforms make up the temple's nine stacked levels, which have Buddha...

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Charles Rennie Mackintosh, a British product designer who lived from 1868 to 1928 and whose life was centered around art, is frequently mentioned while discussing the history of architecture and art in the nineteenth century. After taking lessons at the Glasgow School of Art, where he first met his wife,...

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Islamic architecture

From the birth of Islam as a religion until the present Islamic architecture has included both sacred and secular elements. Islamic conquests in the seventh and eighth centuries, which included victories over the Romans and Persians among many other peoples, had a significant impact on Islamic architecture. As the religion...

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about ludwig hohlwein

In the year 1874, Ludwig Hohlwein was born in Germany. He trained as an architect during his formative years, practicing up to 1906. At this point, he decided to become a poster designer as a profession. Ludwig was able to artistically combine the use of color with architecture while comprehending...

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