Essays on Zen Buddhism

The earth

The current state of the earth is still in peril of extinction, and humans are largely to blame. Various writers approach the subject from a variety of angles, but the best ones cleverly draw a link between human societies and environmental degradation. Analyzing the earth from the cultural, political, academic,...

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Comparison between Hinduism and Buddhism

Buddhists hardly ever have faith in any deities. The Buddha believed that since religious beliefs and god ideologies don't have a basis in dread, they don't exist. They contend that humans who were seeking solace developed the concept of God and gods out of fear and frustration. They also contend...

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Currently, one might be inclined to claim that Buddhism only has a minor role in Chinese religion; however, it would be unwise to downplay the significance of how Buddhism has historically impacted Chinese beliefs and practices. (Fowler and Fowler 2012). The book's writers are attempting to demonstrate the impact Buddhism...

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Woman’s Role in Buddhism

Up until recently, there wasn't a lot of study on Buddhist women to be found. As women in Buddhism have changed the religion and played a crucial part, recent studies have concentrated on feminism research. When it comes to women's access to leadership roles, other religions like Judaism and Christianity...

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The role of Karma in Buddhism

Karma is defined as an activity that has consequences. That is, if one does a nice deed, it results in agreeable karma and thus positive effects. Similarly, committing an immoral act will result in negative Karma. In the end, it provides an unexpected outcome. According to this viewpoint, the significance...

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Buddhism - a religion

Because of its nature, Buddhism has undergone many transformations and has been adopted by numerous cultures. The religion evolved from Buddha's teachings, which state that nothing is lost in the universe, that everything changes, and that law and cause-and-effect exist (karma). Buddha's basic meaning cannot be lost or died. Buddha...

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When I joined Buddhism

In my early teenage years, I enrolled in a Buddhist meditation class purely out of a desire to find spiritual fulfillment. Despite the fact that I was raised in an Asian-American family, my family does not perceive some aspects of religion as much as many Christian homes in my community....

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Sacred, Mythic, and Ritual Journey

The Purpose of the Journey to China The purpose of the journey to China is to inform Christians about the existence of different religions in the globe. China is one of the nations with a wide variety of religious organizations, all of which have strong religious views. Some of these groups...

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The biggest Buddhist temple in the world, Borobudur, is a Buddhist temple from the 9th century located in Central Java, Indonesia. One of the biggest Buddhist monuments in the entire globe is this one. Three circular and six square platforms make up the temple's nine stacked levels, which have Buddha...

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Buddhism Development In China

Buddhism was introduced to China through the process of foreigners integrating into the localisation of Chinese religion and philosophy, according to historical evidence. This essay examines how Chinese Buddhism changed to fit its surroundings in various ways, as well as how Chinese culture was influenced by Buddhism. The paper will...

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Japanese Culture and Shintoism

a state of mind The main sects of the Japanese people are Buddhism and Shintoism. Both sects have an important place in Japanese society. As a result, this paper will discuss how Shintoism has affected Japanese society. Many people will believe that Shinto is a Japanese faith because it has...

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Today’s Issues on Gender Equality

While Mahayana Zen Buddhism has been around for a long time, its doctrines may still be relevant in today's society. Some of these teachings can also focus on important global problems, such as gender equality, which is one of them. What is Mahayana Buddhism's take on women's immaturity? Is it...

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