Essays on Dalai Lama

The Role of Religion in Happiness and Personal Success

Dalai Lama has been able to address so many issues that have tended to affect the human life especially the spiritual perspective. So many people from across the globe usually wants to achieve that fundamental need in life which is mainly focused on ensuring that they are able to live...

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The Nature of Empathy

According to many authors, humans are naturally cooperative. In the book “The Age of Empathy,” Frans de Waal argues that the nature of animals is characterized by kindness as well as collaboration to competition as well as carnage. According to the author, humans are naturally born to be competitors to...

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The Dalai Lama essay

Introduction His Holiness the Dalai Lama is a man who teaches that happiness comes from within, not from material possessions. He also teaches that peace and harmony is important to all. He is the spiritual leader of Tibet and a prominent public speaker. His message is to inspire and share Buddhism...

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