Essays on Problem of Evil

The Problem of Evil

Reconciling the Idea of a Perfect God and the Existence of Evil Reconciling the idea of a perfect God and the existence of evil is vital in understanding the problem of evil. There are various arguments used in expounding the problem of evil amongst the theistic point of view. One of...

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J. L. Mackie on the problem of evil and omnipotence

The dilemma of evil is caused by the assumptions that God is completely good, omnipotent, and that evil exists (Mackie 111). Some atheists contend that the existence of evil is indisputable proof that God does not exist. According to atheism, the existence of a morally perfect, omniscient, and omnipotent deity...

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Evil in the environment

There are many occurrences of evil in the world that have detrimental effects, such as causing death and destruction. Evil is something harmful to the well-being of living beings and evil, according to James Waller, contributes to the loss of land, deaths, and damage to the integrity of individuals. Water...

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