Essays on Spirituality

Christian Humanism and Jesuit Spirituality

Jesuits - A Society within the Roman Catholic Church Jesuits is a society within the Roman Catholic Church that was founded by Ignatius of Loyola and instituted by Pope Paul III with the purpose of propagating the Catholic faith. This is done through abiding to chastity, obedience to Christ and Pope...

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The Path of Jnana Yoga

Bhagavad Gita is the Hindu expression for the Song of Spirit. The Gita was a set of instructions that were passed down from Lord Krishna to Arjuna that set out to inform them on how man could spiritually connect with his God ("The Hidden Truths In The Bhagavad Gita"). This...

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HOPE: The Spiritual Assessment Tool

Spirituality is critical in the delivery of care since it affects the decisions made and patient’s perception on the care plan.  Spiritual evaluation is the procedure of determining patient’s spiritual needs concerning health. The process assists caregivers to understand patients’ faith, needs, values and biases as linked to health care....

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Review of Burial Practices in African Societies

The current essay reviewed funeral rituals and burial practices observed in at least three societies or communities with the aim of drawing useful insights regarding their values and worldviews. The three cultures selected in the essay were from Africa, Europe, and Asia. The need to focus on the burial rituals...

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My Spiritual Awakening at a Summer Camp

I attended a church camp when I was 11 years of age together with my family. It was a beautiful place to be, an expansive forest, grass fields, wooden buildings that looked old style, and there was also a long pond in between the camp and the road. We regularly...

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The Role of Spiritual Side in Personal Development

Individual’s spiritual side can be defined as the impersonal or higher constituent of human nature that helps in finding a sense of peace both in mind and heart. The spiritual side allows the inner values of an individual to guide how to interact with the outside world, show concern for...

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Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Select Odes

Isolation is the state of being alone for an extended period of time, which has an impact on your mental and spiritual skills. Extended durations of isolation have been shown to alter people's sanity, and the more a person stays alone, the more their sanity suffers. The concept of isolation...

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Essay on patient care

The examination of their religious requirements is part of the medical care procedure. For the best results in patients, patient care should include more than just physical demands (Sharma, Astrow, Texeira, & Sulmasy, 2012). The following interview is based on the framework of my device known as BEND-F, which is...

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Are human beings unequal in essence?

The Perennial Questions, most political views are based on a specific conception of human nature. He contends that the amount to which people are bad is crucial to political considerations. Spiritual and ethical considerations pervade the book, which poses various questions in each chapter, such as ""are human beings unequal...

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Spiritual Journey

Religion comes to mind when the word "spiritual" is used. The elements of spirituality are well included into the notion of spiritual terminology, with a strong engagement of different groups' traditions and cultural activities. Ancient communities created various ways to respect their gods while also believing in the reality of...

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About Spiritual Formation

IntroductionTopic of Discussion: Spiritual FormationOne of the topics that has generated a lot of discussion in the religious community is spiritual formation. Different churches have distinctive and frequently divergent worship practices. It is obvious how drastically divergent Roman Catholic and Protestant teachings are held by their respective populations. Human nature...

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Summary of Mitri Raheb's book Faith in the Face of Empire, Chapter Nine "the Spirit"

The book's "spirit" is summarized in Chapter Nine. Mitri Raheb's Faith in the Face of Empire The Middle East is a region of countries that has recently been plagued by conflicts, with religion at the forefront of those conflicts. Many people have viewed religion as having a negative impact on the...

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