Essays on Atheism

Thales and Xenophanes on the Nature of the World

Thales Thales, one of the earliest philosophers, argued that everything around the world is water. Suchlike arguments provoke the consideration that the world has an interior mechanism that only study and evidence can expose. Therefore, the glaring picture of the globe should grant the system to a methodical view that can...

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The argument by Earnest Nagel

Earnest Nagel said that it is impossible for a benevolent God to exist in an evil universe. He was a philosopher and atheist who rejected all theism as logical. He didn't want to believe in God in a world filled with so many ills, even though most of his friends...

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Theology and Religion- The Ontological Argument

One of the most notable and compelling arguments for God's existence is the ontological argument. In order to explain why God exists to a fool or a rational atheist, Anselm's argument rests on a few key premises (Rushby, 2013). By citing the two key characteristics of a fool who rejects...

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A Brief Introduction to Atheism

In a recent survey, a majority of American atheists said they don't believe in God. But a third of them said they frequently think about the meaning of life and that they often feel a spiritual peace. In addition, a third said they often feel a sense of wonder about...

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