Essays on Existence of God

Proof of God`s Existence

Adequate explanations for explaining the special order of life of a strictly supernatural being are clearly missing. Humanity does not perceive the existence of God through feeling, nor does it think of God as an imaginary entity. Thus, both physical and spatial-temporal entities and non-spatial-temporal entities may be assimilated as…

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Philosophical Arguments on Existence of God

Most preachers have faced difficulties and challenges in persuading their adherents, in particular those who refuse to take the fact that God is genuinely in the assumption that God exists. Many individuals do not think of God as such and, as instructed by the Holy Books, they discard and condemn…

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Existence of God Philosophical Argument

Many preachers found problems and challenges to convince their followers of Christians, particularly those who refrain from embracing the truth of God. A significant number of people do not consider God as real and so many of them discard the teachings and rituals as laid down in the Holy Books…

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