Essays on Existence of God

Descartes’ surprising ending

Descartes' Unexpected Conclusion Descartes' unexpected conclusion is his ability to show the existence of God. Descartes was able to recognize an infinitely flawless being who was more perfect than him. Descartes also discovered that his existence was dependent on the perfect being. Descartes used the method of doubt to combat skepticism...

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The argument by Earnest Nagel

Earnest Nagel said that it is impossible for a benevolent God to exist in an evil universe. He was a philosopher and atheist who rejected all theism as logical. He didn't want to believe in God in a world filled with so many ills, even though most of his friends...

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The question whether God exists or not

For a long time, the question of whether God exists or not has been the focus of several disputes in the domains of popular culture and philosophy of religion (Swinburne, 2004). There are several arguments for God's existence that can be classified into distinct classifications based on the arguments' proponents....

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Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica Thomas Aquinas' Summa Theologica ideology gives a traditional philosophy addressing God, His existence, and His creation. The Summa Theologica, Thomas' best work, strives to provide an instructional guide to theology students and offers the rationale of the primary Christian theology. According to Thomas' ideology, God's existence is...

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Argument and Counterargument

When we pay close attention, we can separate God's existence from His essence in the same way that triangles can be separated from their angles to make two right angles. The concept of God's existence is analogous to the concept of a mountain and a valley. It is as absurd...

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Being an Atheist

Whether God exists or not has likely been a topic of discussion for many generations. The cosmological argument and the teleological argument give the main justifications for God s existence. However, H. J. McCloskey aims to reaffirm his atheism and provide refutations to prevalent theistic viewpoints in On Being...

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The Trinity

Plotinus' trinity theories propose that God exists in three progressively more lesser forms, but in complete divinity (Larson, pg. 45). The unchanging soul, the mind, and the absolute. The absolute is the root of all things, the aim of existence, and is beyond all human understanding. The third, the universal...

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The medieval pursuit of balance and virtue

According to Armstrong, the medieval pursuit of virtue and balance includes a number of principles that Christians should live by and put into practice on a daily basis (Deck 695). He illustrates certain takeaways from Lewis's conceptions of medieval religion that are manifest in contemporary human behavior. These themes include...

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Theology and Religion- The Ontological Argument

One of the most notable and compelling arguments for God's existence is the ontological argument. In order to explain why God exists to a fool or a rational atheist, Anselm's argument rests on a few key premises (Rushby, 2013). By citing the two key characteristics of a fool who rejects...

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Proof of God`s Existence

Adequate Explanations for the Special Order of Life Adequate explanations for explaining the special order of life of a strictly supernatural being are clearly missing. Humanity does not perceive the existence of God through feeling, nor does it think of God as an imaginary entity. Thus, both physical and spatial-temporal entities...

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Philosophical Arguments on Existence of God

Most preachers have faced difficulties and challenges in persuading their adherents, in particular those who refuse to take the fact that God is genuinely in the assumption that God exists. Many individuals do not think of God as such and, as instructed by the Holy Books, they discard and condemn...

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Existence of God Philosophical Argument

Many preachers found problems and challenges to convince their followers of Christians, particularly those who refrain from embracing the truth of God. A significant number of people do not consider God as real and so many of them discard the teachings and rituals as laid down in the Holy Books...

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