Essays on Good and Evil

The Nature of Good and Evil

The question of whether people are naturally good or evil has confused the individuals who attempt to answer it thus attracting researchers to study the subject. Different scholars provide different views for their conclusion of individuals being either good or bad and have explained why people are fundamentally moral and...

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The Concept of Good and Evil

Evil in its sense can manifest in many forms. Universally, some of the actions in the world have attracted the attention of many people, and they have been considered to be evil. Most people have universally viewed actions such as genocides, terrorist attacks or even fraud as evil (Romke). Hence...

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Stoicism qustions and answers

One of the Graeco-Roman philosophies is stoicism One of the founders of this school of thinking is Epictetus. The philosophy s primary focus was on providing both therapeutic and helpful guidance on issues related to dysfunctional wants and unreasonable emotions. According to Epictetus, while certain things are in our control and,...

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J. L. Mackie on the problem of evil and omnipotence

The dilemma of evil is caused by the assumptions that God is completely good, omnipotent, and that evil exists (Mackie 111). Some atheists contend that the existence of evil is indisputable proof that God does not exist. According to atheism, the existence of a morally perfect, omniscient, and omnipotent deity...

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Evil and Good

Religion and the Concepts of Good and Evil Religion is one of the most difficult concepts to describe, but one truth about it is that it exists as a bond between man and God or between man and his belief in the presence or non-existence of the supreme being. The view...

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Humans Inherently Good or Evil

In most communities and academic centers The idea of what is good and what is evil has vanished. Of course, academics and society have not ignored the ethical side of the issue; instead, they have only avoided commenting on what good morals mean. In most people's day-to-day lives, they prefer to...

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