Essays on Metaphysics

Physical and Metaphysical Travel

Various texts have various ways of expressing the idea of travel. While some texts emphasize the element of metaphysical travel, others only make passing references to physical travel. Metaphysical travel is the movement of the soul or the intellect from one location to another without the movement of the body,...

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An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding by David Hume

David Hume, a pragmatist philosopher, is also a harsh critic of human understanding's metaphysical perceptions. In his book An Inquiry Concerning Human Understanding, which has been considered as a philosophical classic in modern literature, he gives arguments on human knowing. The investigation into human knowledge is more of a revision...

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Aristotle and Plato's Metaphysics

Metaphysics is concerned with the fundamental principles of things; it includes abstract ideas like identity, being, time, space, knowledge, and causality. It focuses on nature that exists beyond reality and cannot be perceived. Metaphysics seeks to explain the origins of life and everything within it. There are numerous approaches to...

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Releasement toward things by Heidegger

Prompt What does Heidegger mean by "releasement toward things," and how may his ideas be applied in a modern context? In the text, releasement toward objects is a technological idea that integrates components from both sides of the previously contrasted modalities of relation. Taking nature into consideration, the "wood is a...

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The Possibility of Free Will

The art of choosing a sensible course of action amid existing alternatives is referred to as free will. Free Will can also refer to the ability to make decisions in situations when prior events have already determined the outcome. Some philosophers argue that the concepts of free will and moral...

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An Elementary Christian metaphysics written by Joseph Owen

The author of Joseph Owens' An Elementary Christian Metaphysics investigates the application of metaphysical principles to situations that happen on a daily basis, notably in the Christian milieu. Following the rational, exterior, and non-human entities, there is a particular focus on the nature of revealed facts and the existence of...

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William of Ockham essay

William of Ockham was an English Franciscan friar and scholastic philosopher. He was born in the English county of Surrey. Ockham is regarded as one of the fourteenth century's most prominent intellectuals, religious theologians, logicians, and political philosophers. He also remained involved in the great intellectual debates of his period....

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The Historical Context of ‘Love's Growth' By John Donne

According to Stewart (5), John Donne was one of the most well-known philosophical poets of his day, who discussed many topics related to nature and truth in life in his poetry. As a lawyer and a minister, Donne gave sermons and wrote poetry from personal experience, earning him the moniker...

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the Problem of Universals methapysical realism

Introduction Metaphysical realism investigates the concept of life. In this case, the issue of universality appears to exploit the existence of properties as well as other natural boundaries. Realists contend that universals occur in nature and are separate from other facets of life. There are two types of realism. These types...

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Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that studies the world's origin, animals, and survival. Metaphysics is thought to be the foundation of philosophy. The phrase is believed to come from the Greek word "Meta ta physical," which means "after natural things." Metaphysics has been extended beyond traditional physics to include...

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Metaphysics and Axial Age

Robert N Bellah's narrative on faith in human evolution is remarkable and continues with the Big Bang before the first millennium of the Axial Period. The book is a product of life-long study by scientists who derived components from sociology, history, physiological and biological creation, as well as materials of...

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Personal Identity Discussion

In contemporary metaphysics, personal identity is a diachronic issue. This is because it raises questions about one s own self-characterization. So, what exactly is a person s personal identity? Personal identity is defined in philosophical terms as the concept you develop about yourself over the course of your life. Parts of...

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