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Writing a Plato essay will help you learn more about this outstanding philosopher of ancient Greece, a student of Socrates, who lived in 427 - 347 BC. Most Plato essays explore his role as an educator – Plato created the Academy in Athens where people could learn philosophy, politics, geometry, astronomy, geography, botany. The lessons were daily and consisted mostly of lectures and dialogs. Academy existed for over 900 years and educated many famous philosophers such as Aristotle and Democritus. Plato introduces a concept of idealism – the primacy of ideas in relation to the matter, which is a topic of many essays on Plato. Plato believed in the existence of a non-material reality that goes beyond the physical world. View our Plato essay samples below – we selected the most informative essay samples you can learn from.

The Allegory of the Cave

The Allegory of the Cave by Plato depicts a split line in a dialogue between Socrates and Glaucon. The lines form four parts, each reflecting one of Psyche’s four passions. The two sections on the lower side represent the clear, while the two sections on the upper side represent the…

Words: 836

Pages: 4

Socrates on the Law’s Fairness

Socrates’ life seemed to be trivial, particularly in his final days, when he was forced to choose between what is right in his opinion and what is right to do often in any situation. The universe lies somewhere in his philosophy, which he shared with Plato, in the insightful question…

Words: 1735

Pages: 7

The Forms and Plato

Plato’s theory of forms is based on the belief that the material world is unstable due to its ease of manipulation, and that nonmaterial concepts, or Forms, are the true embodiment of truth. Platonic forms can be found in a variety of life themes, including reality, essence, universal problems, and…

Words: 1093

Pages: 4

The Argument of Reminiscence

Learning can be accomplished in a variety of ways, but according to Plato, the most common method is through recollections that arise from previous experiences, both real and imaginary, and are linked to the current state of affairs. According to the participants in the conversation, learning can take the form…

Words: 1159

Pages: 5

The Argument for the First Cause

The first cause argument was first proposed by Plato and Aristotle, and it was on this foundation that Saint Thomas of Aquinas founded his first cause argument, which is divided into many versions that discuss different aspects. This argument is founded on the simple premise that nothing exists without a…

Words: 3093

Pages: 12

Philosophical teachings

Philosophical teachings aid comprehension of society, nature, and morality’s essence. The teachings empower humans with the ability to comprehend or think critically in order to solve the complex challenges that humanity faces. In essence, ‘Plato’s Euthyphro’ and ‘Descartes’ Mediations on First Philosophy’ illuminate the fundamentals of human life, ethics, and…

Words: 1168

Pages: 5

Beyond the Popular Consensus

Plato’s ‘Allegory of the Cave’ is a dialogue written by a Greek philosopher. Socrates taught the author philosophical ideas, and he also served as Aristotle’s tutor. Socrates and Aristotle were both great thinkers who were highly regarded in their fields. Plato wrote a number of philosophical works, many of which…

Words: 1260

Pages: 5

Plato’s Allegory of the Cave is an analogy from his The Republic

Plato’s Cave Allegory is an analogy of his The Republic created approximately 38BC. The philosophical parable discusses three main subjects, which include the role of education and perception. In considering the themes, Glaucon (Plato’s brother) and Socrates, who is both its teachers and a tutor, have been discussed. If the…

Words: 602

Pages: 3

The Approach of Socates

Mitchell says, H. B. In the same way that Socrates himself did not leave a writing as reference, his follower, Plato did. (2014), the philosopher Socrates was born back to Athens in 469 B.C.E. Socrates influenced Plato so much that he was caught in the Plato papers and publications almost…

Words: 628

Pages: 3

The degree to which ancient Greek politics today shaped the Western political system

Ancient Greek politics had a great impact on Western people’s political, economic, and social lives. The politics of Ancient Greece is based on both Greek and Roman philosophies. The political influence of Plato and Aristotle was focused on political philosophies. The philosophies of all citizens include justice, freedom, and prosperity….

Words: 5227

Pages: 20

About Just State

The topic of different things that make up a fair state seems straightforward, but Plato, one of the greatest philosophers, wants a theory of different aspects. Plato uses the different elements to illustrate how simple it is to use communities rather than people to assess society. It is possible to…

Words: 592

Pages: 3

The Republic by Plato

It is claimed that Republic is one of Plato’s finest works describing a metaphysical dialog debating the act of justice. According to Socrates, living only life is instrumental in one’s life. In this book, Socrates uses a set of reasons to help us realize that the propagation of moral values…

Words: 922

Pages: 4


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