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Writing a Plato essay will help you learn more about this outstanding philosopher of ancient Greece, a student of Socrates, who lived in 427 - 347 BC. Most Plato essays explore his role as an educator – Plato created the Academy in Athens where people could learn philosophy, politics, geometry, astronomy, geography, botany. The lessons were daily and consisted mostly of lectures and dialogs. Academy existed for over 900 years and educated many famous philosophers such as Aristotle and Democritus. Plato introduces a concept of idealism – the primacy of ideas in relation to the matter, which is a topic of many essays on Plato. Plato believed in the existence of a non-material reality that goes beyond the physical world. View our Plato essay samples below – we selected the most informative essay samples you can learn from.

Readings from Plato and Miklós Haraszti

The article includes a discussion of passages from Plato’s Law and Republic, where the four most significant passages are selected, their significance is assessed, and Plato’s main ideas are engaged. are some passages from The Velvet Prison by Miklos Haraszti: Along with three sentences that were taken directly from the…

Words: 995

Pages: 4

The normative political philosophy

The works of Aristotle and Plato are the foundation of normative moral theory. They both argued that politics and ethics are inextricably linked and that a government’s success should be measured in terms of its capacity to protect its citizens’ moral rights. This philosophy is inherently a criticism ideology because…

Words: 647

Pages: 3

Greek philosopher Aristotle

Aristotle was born in the city of Stagira in the province of Chalcidice in northern Greece, and his father died when he was a teenager. Proxenus of Artaneous became his guardian after his father died. Aristotle enrolled in Plato’s Academy in Athens when he was eighteen years old and remained…

Words: 1170

Pages: 5

Study of Plato’s ideas about marriage, morality, and happiness

In one of his famous Symposiums, Plato, one of the greatest philosophers of ancient Greece, explains his concept of true love, and it is the most subtle and beautiful statement there is. In a subtle way, his love theory separated the elements of sexual love from friendship. He said that…

Words: 1293

Pages: 5

Socrates and Euthyphro are two Greek philosophers.

The dialogue between Socrates and Euthyphro on the controversial topic of piety is found in Plato’s Euthyphro. The dialogue shows that virtue is attained when humans fulfill their obligations to gods and society. Socrates is very interested in this discussion since it takes place during his trial for impiety (Shafer-Landau…

Words: 1123

Pages: 5

Idealism and Realism

Idealism and realism are important concepts to grasp in order to gain a better understanding of philosophy. Both realism and idealism are interested in describing how the human mind interacts with the outside world. As a result, both philosophical approaches are crucial in comprehending the existence of objects in the…

Words: 722

Pages: 3

Patterns of Images in Aeschylus’ Oresteia and Plato’s Republic

The poet Aeschylus of the Oresteia and the philosopher Plato of the Republic both attempt to explain how justice came to be in the human community or polis. In very different ways, Aeschylus and Plato present their views on how reality came into being in the community. Aeschylus describes this…

Words: 1442

Pages: 6


There are various personalities and ideas among people that must be controlled within the boundaries of society to achieve coexistence and stability. The responsibility of achieving societal stability has long been understood to necessitate the telling of a noble lie. Plato writes in his book “The Republic” that “falsehood is…

Words: 2109

Pages: 8

The analogy of Plato’s Ship of Fools

Plato’s analogy of the ship of fools is based on an experiment in which a mutiny on board a vessel occurred. Each crew member on this ship aspires to be captain, although they lack the requisite skills. As a result, the ship sails aimlessly, and even one of the crew…

Words: 2337

Pages: 9

Plato’s Republic Essay

Socrates believes that a virtuous person has reached internal peace. Please explain. Plato’s Republic, Book IV, begins with a question posed by Adeimantus: “What satisfaction do the city’s guardians have because, unlike other citizens, they own the city and are not paid? As a result, they lack the financial means…

Words: 1674

Pages: 7

Socrates’ Philosophy

Plato provides us with examples of Socrates’ trials in the Apology, The Defense of Socrates. Plato’s philosophical work is important because it enlightens us on Socrates’ philosophy. Socrates’ defense, in which he believed in achieving philosophical virtues and justice, is interpreted by Plato. Plato discusses why Socrates chose the philosophical…

Words: 1427

Pages: 6

Climate Change and Activist Movement

Individual freedom is defined as the ability to speak one’s mind and act on it. A paradox, on the other hand, is a statement that takes opposing positions. When such a statement is investigated, however, it is discovered to be true. The paradox of freedom is the idea that there…

Words: 1775

Pages: 7

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