Essays on Friedrich Nietzsche

Nietzsche and Dr. King's Contributions in the Field of Philosophy

Friedrich Nietzsche and Dr. King’s contributions in the field of philosophy remains an integral. Despite both being philosophers, they had divergent perceptions as far as life was concerned. Nietzsche as a philosopher hailed from Germany with the trend of his works depicting the materiality reality model. On the other hand,...

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Comparison of Karl Marx and Friedrich Nietzsche

Friedrich Nietzsche and Karl Marx are two well renowned scholars who were both highly revered for their respective contributions to philosophy. Karl Marx was a political theorist, historian and philosopher of German origin whose highly controversial theories on economics, politics and society were collectively comprehended as Marxism. His contributions to...

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The Impact of Friedrich Nietzsche's Book on The 21st Century

The paper analyzes the articles published by Patel and Moore regarding Friedrich Nietzsche’s book. The authors start by stating the changes that have occurred in the 21st century. They write “the twenty-first century will be a time of abrupt, irreversible changes” (Patel and Moore 1). Besides, the authors write about...

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Nietzsche and Marx

God created humans, but the most wonderful thing is that each human creature has his or her unique nature. Marx and Nietzsche have opposing views on the essence of human beings. Human beings, according to Marx, express their drive in a spontaneous and creative manner in order to develop products...

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Marquis De Sade Rhetorical Argument against Religion

In a direct attack on truth and religion, as well as the necessity for a suitable replacement, two authors discuss human nature and their proclivity to embrace dogmas and half-truths as truths, and so live up to and passing down these false teachings from generation to generation. Friedrich Nietzsche and...

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A distinction of Nietzsche’s and Marx’s Quotes

There are many philosophical quotations that explore many facets of existence. Two quotes are examined in the report that follows. "Those old philosophers were heartless: Philosophizing was always a form of vampirism," begins the first quotation (Nietzsche 1974, pg. 5). The second quote is from Karl Marx, who said, "The...

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David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas Depiction of the Will to Power

Cloud Atlas's long-term reach asserts the existence of human hunger. Desire is said to be the driving force behind the consolidation of power, and it manifests itself in a variety of ways, including the effects of imperialism, varying degrees of corruption, slavery, and casual relationships. The nineteenth-century experienced a force...

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Friedrich Nietzsche and John Locke

Nietzsche: Hello Locke, we re waiting for President Trump s Mexico Wall to be finished before the end of his term in office. Why should he insist on building the wall because the majority of Americans are perfectly happy without it? Nietzsche: Locke, he s the president! He is, in theory,...

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At Different Stages of Their Lives, Children's Perceptions of Mortality

Children are always exposed to death and illness at some point in their lives because it is a natural part of life. Even the youngest children, who have no concept of death, respond to bereaved parents. Children's previous bereavement experiences, age, emotional development, and even their environment all influence their...

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The Moral Genealogy of Nietzsche

Nietzsche allows us to imagine a politically dominant group of people ruling over a subordinate group of individuals. The masters are thought to be powerful individuals who can do whatever they want. These powerful people use the term "good" to refer to the kind of life they want to live...

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The Philosophical Theories and Points of Friedrich Nietzsche

Friedrich Nietzsche's Theory: The Death of God and the Superman Friedrich Nietzsche's first point was that God is no longer alive. He claims that this is due to the introduction of science, which has taken the place of Christianity's explanatory role. The entire concept was based on Europe's modernization period. Modernization as...

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Socrates’ Death-wish as seen by Nietzsche

The death of civilization, as glorified by the suicide of the Socrates according to Niatzses, was Western philosophy. Thus, Nietzsche's portrait of Socrates is regarded as an attempt towards ancient Greek philosophy, tragic culture and poetry. For example, Nietzsche was seen as a main source of nihilism by his belief...

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