Francis Galton and Friedrich Nietzsche

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One of the best thinkers of all time is Francis Galton and Friedrich Nietzsche. They have been reading for decades of inspiring readers. In his excerpt, Human Faculty and Creation Inquiries, Francis Galton emphasizes human intelligence and strength. Galton writes mostly about human development over time. The writing starts with an overall awareness of the qualifications of human beings. Francis Galton says that the family is endowed with these human experiences. He also concentrates on a human race that is highly overcrowded. He claims that human species easily becomes a serious issue in today’s culture. According to the author, improved sanitation and a decline in childhood mortality have been the leading causes of overpopulation. Nevertheless, Francis Galton stresses on the most inherent conflicts and risks arising from tremendous growth in population. Notably, the author asserts that the European nations would soon experience a population overflow. As a result, his prime focus is on the relationship between race and human qualification. He writes that doctrines would holistically be interlinked to self-denial and prudence.

On the other hand, Friedrich Nietzsche further develops reader’s insight on his main ideas including morality and superiority. The German philosopher uses literary devices to communicate his ideas. In his excerpts, Thus Spake Zarathustra and Beyond Good and Evil, Friedrich instigates a link with the reader to visualize his beliefs vividly. The two excerpts aimed at exploring the morality in the absence of God. Indeed, the philosopher adopts aristocratic caste and argues that the latter is a fundamental tool that develops human traits. The author makes the caste to perceive the idea that an order rank distinguishes humans and commoners. According to the author, human beings tops the power ranking and humanity is the end goal in any society. Additionally, Friedrich Nietzsche argued that faith and worship systems are not only wrong but dangerous to societies because they infiltrate weak leadership and subdue the will to power. Therefore, the author wanted people to reject uninformed Christian morality and be supermen-free. Nevertheless, Friedrich Nietzsche wrote that without God, human future would thrive in skeptic societies. He tries to prove that communities can never create the sufficient number of superior individuals with the ability to validate the sacrifices offered by members of such societies. He writes that the will to power in life results in exploitation of vulnerable people in societal settings. Finally, Friedrich Nietzsche underlines the realism in nature where weaker people are exploited and taken over due to variations in social class. Therefore, it is outrageous to view any form of exploitation as a vice that can be overlooked all at once.

Francis Galton and Friedrich Nietzsche view human progress as one that could result in conflicting issues due to overpopulation. They emphasize the significance of how fast humans are progressing within generations. I agree with these two exceptional writers because their acuity towards human progress is validated. Many nations around the globe are experiencing high population rates which exceed the available resources. The latter has continually lead to a shortage in supply of essential resources due to the increasing demand and competition. Indeed, humanity and morality are inseparable. Shifts in resource accessibility have widened the gap between social classes. There is a significant influence of human beings on the nature of their race. As a result, vulnerable races are continually being subjected to selection. Certainly, Francis Galton and Friedrich Nietzsche have provided evident resources in support of their emphasis on human progress.

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