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power and philosophy

The theories on lunacy put out by Michael Foucault are those that concentrate on societal changes like shifts in economic beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions of labor. The society has become passionate about reason, which makes it possible to equate it with insanity. The connection between insanity and dreams was important…

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BCE philosophers – theology and religion

Thomas Aquinas was influenced by Aristotle in his writings. The philosopher discusses the ideas of actuality and potentiality. Actually, he meant to be at work when he says that. Therefore, being at work, being a member of a specific species, or acting in a certain way are all aspects of…

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Readings from Plato and Miklós Haraszti

The article includes a discussion of passages from Plato’s Law and Republic, where the four most significant passages are selected, their significance is assessed, and Plato’s main ideas are engaged. are some passages from The Velvet Prison by Miklos Haraszti: Along with three sentences that were taken directly from the…

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Jacques Louise David and Eugene Delacroix

Both Jacques Louise David and Eugene Delacroix’s depictions of Socrates and Sardanapalus’ deaths exhibit a great level of vitality and a love of color. Both the similarities and differences between the two works will be covered in this research. Comparison of the Death of Socrates by Jacques Louis David from…

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affiliation of school

Based on the writings he has produced and the message of reason he conveys, Immanuel Kant is undoubtedly one of the finest thinkers of the modern era. As seen by his writings on ethics, Kant was able to communicate his ideas with great clarity and eloquence. In his essay on…

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Ancient Structure Quotation

Socrates was emphasizing the obvious roles of men and women. Women are not equal to men in terms of rank and citizenship, and as a result, men are superior to women. However, if men and women are treated fairly in social and political settings, women prefer to do well and…

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The normative political philosophy

The works of Aristotle and Plato are the foundation of normative moral theory. They both argued that politics and ethics are inextricably linked and that a government’s success should be measured in terms of its capacity to protect its citizens’ moral rights. This philosophy is inherently a criticism ideology because…

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middle class and aristotle

Aristotle, an ancient Greek philosopher, and historian was a supporter of politics and democratic forms of government. He had long considered the middle class to be the class that could both decide and has true leadership. He assumed that the middle class should dominate without benefiting either the poor or…

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Classical liberal thinkers like Immanuel Kant, Jeremy Bentham, and Adam Smith

Classical liberal thinkers such as Immanuel Kant, Jeremy Bentham, and Adam Smith developed various ideas that have helped scholars gain a better understanding of international relations studies. This research paper attempts to describe their theories in-depth and how they apply to international relations. Furthermore, the aim of this research paper…

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Machiavelli’s Concepts of Fortuna and Virtú

Niccol Machiavelli wrote The Prince, a book about Machiavellianism’s political philosophy, which fundamentally means victory at any cost (Machiavelli & Viroli, 2008). Machiavelli addresses the relative importance of the terms fortuna and virt in The Prince, arguing that virt are acts, choices, and discoveries that arise out of desperation and…

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Understanding Political History

Understanding political history is a critical phase in the political world. The primary aim of this article is to compose a review of numerous chapters from the book ‘Political Theory.’ This book was written by a man named Harvey Mansfield. Finally, this article will focus on and discuss my favorite…

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ethics and animals

A noble person, according to Aristotle, is one who has the right motivations as well as traits and responsibilities (Aristotle, 1931). It is possible for a person to be a virtuous farmer when it comes to farming. In this case, an individual upholds moral duties that favor the animals that…

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