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Noam Chomsky vs. Michel Foucault on Human Nature and the Shaping of Politics

This dissertation discusses, in an in-depth fashion, the question of whether the aspect of human nature is essential for shaping the institution of politics, and whether a convergence exists in the intellectual debate between Chomsky and Foucault. In seeking the answers concerning the question at hand in the realm of...

Words: 1832

Pages: 7

The Contributions of Freud and Jung to Psychology

Freud Sigmund and Carl Jung through their theories explained the meaning of psychology. Even though they had some differences they greatly impacted how we view it. For many years Freud and Jung had been in a long personal relationship in which Jung was the junior partner. This was so because...

Words: 1669

Pages: 7

Aristotelian Perspective on Character Formation

Dr Tamar Gendler’s lecture on virtue and habit provides an Aristotelian perspective on character formation. The lecture makes a connection between philosophical perspectives on virtues, and the normative and descriptive laws that guide people’s habits. Dr Gendler suggests that character is formed by connecting normative laws with descriptive laws –...

Words: 914

Pages: 4

Comparative Study of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung

Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalytic theory suggests that occasions in childhood have a significant effect on adulthood hence it influences the personality. The approach concentrates on the interpretation of dreams to expose the unconscious desires (Ullman " Zimmerman, 2017). The mind is divided into the superego, the ego, and the id, which...

Words: 1562

Pages: 6

The Problem of Perception in The Problems of Philosophy

After reading Bertrand Russell’s The Problems of Philosophy There were some questions that strike out when one finishes the text. One such question involves the difference between appearance and reality. Russell explains that the way things appear is different from how they really are in the strict sense. As such, reality...

Words: 319

Pages: 2

Plato's Concept of Reality

IntroductionOne of the most challenging ideologies in life is the understanding of the world around us. As human beings, we all make an effort to understand how we are alive, the purpose of our existence, and what is reality? However, most of us are not confident in trying to understand...

Words: 1633

Pages: 6

Plato's and Aristotle's Political Views

Thesis: Plato and Aristotle had differing political views. Essentially, Plato acknowledges that the ideal government which is set up as well as run by a philosopher king while Aristotle asserts that the population should be able to rule themselves where every man acts best and is able to live happily....

Words: 316

Pages: 2

Plato's Theory of Forms

The philosophical works of Plato make some of the world's most widely studied and read works (Brickhouse and Nicholas). Most of his philosophy by his teacher, Socrates who remains at the center of most of his work. Other philosophers who have influenced his dialogues by their philosophical perspectives are Heraclitus,...

Words: 624

Pages: 3

Aristotle's and Descartes' Arguments about the True Objects in the Universe

According to Aristotle’s Metaphysics, a being/thing refers to a form, which relates to the structure or pattern of a being or thing, and what makes something an individual thing is the 'matter.' In other words, Aristotle argues that everything in the world (a thing or a being) is a formed...

Words: 1235

Pages: 5

Kant, Singer and Thomson on Moral Obligation

The philosophical proponents of moral obligation The philosophical proponents of moral obligation, such as Kant affirm that is incorrect to assert that all the right acts are right for the same reason. The two important issues to consider in this case are the effects of the action and the action itself....

Words: 981

Pages: 4

Socrates: The Father of Philosophy

Born in 469 B.C in Athens – Greek, Socrates remains to be one of the great philosophers in history and is often associated with being the father of today’s philosophy (Hanlon, 2017). He played a key figure in developing of the Western civilization as he brought order into moral chaos and...

Words: 528

Pages: 2

Socrates' Analogy of the Soul and the City

In Plato’s Republic IV: Justice in the City, Justice in the Soul In Plato’s Republic IV: Justice in the City, Justice in the Soul, the author compares the city to the soul. He divides the city into three parts including wisdom, courage, and moderation, while the three elements of the soul...

Words: 310

Pages: 2

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