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Brief information on Lord Bertrand Russell

In the year 1872, Bertrand Russell was born in the Welsh village of Trelleck. He was only three years old when he lost both of his parents. When he was old enough, he proceeded to Cambridge to study at Trinity College where he excelled in philosophy and mathematics. He received...

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Books by Bertrand Russell

There are many books by Bertrand Russell that you can read. You can read Problems of Philosophy or A History of Western Philosophy. You can also read his Autobiography. These books will give you a better idea of his life and philosophy. The collection will be published in 35 volumes....

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Essay About Bertrand Russell

Bertrand Russell's political views were deeply affected by World War I, which led him to abandon his inherited liberalism and embrace a thoroughgoing socialism. In the years that followed, Russell wrote several books espousing his newfound ideology. In his first book, The Practice and Theory of Bolshevism, he expressed sympathy...

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