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The Influence of Plato's Republic on Thomas More's Utopia

Plato’s ideas as espoused in his writing, “The Republic” greatly influenced Thomas More’s utopian society. Irrespective of this heavy borrowing, the book reveals some highlights which greatly undermine the setup of Plato’s commonwealth because of the contrasting perspectives of More and the context in which the writing takes place. There...

Words: 1689

Pages: 7

Sir Thomas More as an Unlikely Hero

Introduction It is a common trend to see a hero that outlives the story. However, Sir Thomas More in Robert Bolt’s “A Man for All Seasons” is a hero in so many ways but his character goes against the conventions of heroism. Thomas More is a member of the aristocracy during...

Words: 1184

Pages: 5

Thomas More’s Utopia Analysis

Many readers have been perplexed by Utopia since its publication. The book focuses on women's rights and the importance of moving away from private property ownership. Its author, Thomas More, was a key figure in the Italian Renaissance. His principal concerns in writing were religious and moral values, as well...

Words: 1714

Pages: 7

The Life of Thomas More

Thomas More was a layman, a member of Parliament, and he also was a lawyer. He was also accused of conspiring against the king. One of the ways More defended himself was to produce a letter to a nun instructing her not to get involved in politics. This letter is...

Words: 875

Pages: 4

Thomas More - A Biography

Sir Thomas More was a courtier and a politician in the English court. He was a staunch supporter of the King and his Court. He became completely attached to the Court in 1519, when he was present in Henry VIII's suite at the "Field of the Cloth of Gold." In...

Words: 678

Pages: 3

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