Plato's Definition of Utopia

A nation according to Plato is structured in a way that it strengthens and supports the need for a philosopher-king. Because through a philosopher king, the Kallipolis is brought to life and the society achieves genuine happiness. In this case, Plato understood the utopia just as a concept but not...

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The Influence of Plato's Republic on Thomas More's Utopia

Plato’s ideas as espoused in his writing, “The Republic” greatly influenced Thomas More’s utopian society. Irrespective of this heavy borrowing, the book reveals some highlights which greatly undermine the setup of Plato’s commonwealth because of the contrasting perspectives of More and the context in which the writing takes place. There...

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Rossum's Universal Robots, A literature review

Rossum's Universal Robots (R.U.R.) Rossum's Universal Robots (R.U.R. ), written by the Czech author Karel Capek, is one of the earliest tales to address the topic of robots. It is a utopian story of a society in which humanoid robots are developed to help humans. The robots end up, through no...

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Utopia by Thomas More - a Book Review

One of the revolutionary books that discusses the makeup and foundation of society is regarded as being Utopia. The book is hailed as revolutionary because it questions social norms, such as minority control over the majority in positions of leadership. The book embraced a brand-new literary genre while also utilizing...

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“The Conference of Birds,” “and The Thousand and One Nights, “Utopia,” “Peach Blossom,” and “spring.”

In this lecture, five texts—The Conference of Birds, The Thousand and One Nights, Utopia, Peach Blossom, and spring—are thoroughly discussed. Society is the discussed overarching topic that connects the five texts. The texts' intricate depictions of society's processes and fascinating subject matter make them highly engaging. Notably, community refers to...

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About Tritopia

A paradise called Tritopia A paradise called Tritopia can be found in the Sahara Desert. It is the best and most wonderful spot to be. People from all over the globe can easily access it thanks to its vantage point. Nothing bad or malicious ever occurs here. Here, the air is...

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Thomas More’s Utopia Analysis

Many readers have been perplexed by Utopia since its publication. The book focuses on women's rights and the importance of moving away from private property ownership. Its author, Thomas More, was a key figure in the Italian Renaissance. His principal concerns in writing were religious and moral values, as well...

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Ethical Complications and Risks of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: A Double-Edged Sword One of the most revolutionary ideas in human history, artificial intelligence's power and potential would free people from the restraints of poverty and bad health, among other human wants. The foundation of technological utopianism is the concept that developments in artificial intelligence would result in the...

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Neoliberalism in Modern City

According to the neoliberal ideology, "an open, competitive, unregulated market free from all types of state involvement constitutes the best mechanism for economic progress. 2012 (Lin & Mele). While Bourdieu (1998) asserts that "the ideology's intellectual basis is a utopia of unrestricted exploitation." The article's core claim is that cities...

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Is Utopia Possible?

Thomas More's Utopia Thomas More wrote his iconic, albeit contentious, book Utopia in the early 16th century. It depicted an ideal island community called Utopia. Due to its status as an island state, Utopia's government imposes strict regulations on its citizens, as well as those who wish to visit the island...

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islam and utopians

The Concept of an Ideal World in Islamic Utopianism The concept of an ideal world as envisioned by Islamic Utopians has a curious allure for humans. This paper calls into question the collective conception of social existence held by medieval Utopians such as Ibn ufayl, Ibn al-Nafs, and Ibn Sn. They...

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The Utopian Society in Sauk County The Utopian society will be founded in the district of Sauk. The district is located in Wisconsin State. Agriculture as the Principal Occupation Agriculture will be the principal occupation of the county in rural life. The region has also the main emphasis on the utopia of the...

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