About Tritopia

A paradise called Tritopia

A paradise called Tritopia can be found in the Sahara Desert. It is the best and most wonderful spot to be. People from all over the globe can easily access it thanks to its vantage point. Nothing bad or malicious ever occurs here. Here, the air is clean and suitable for human consumption. It is devoid of the pollutants and pollution found in everyday life. Tritopia is the name of a location in the desert where there are lots of trees.

Maximum capacity for Tritopia

Maximum capacity for Tritopia is one million. These are individuals who have never been convicted of a crime and who have never been diagnosed with an incurable illness. The members of this community will occupy the land and be able to be productive by helping in building and providing for the people.

The formation of Tritopia

This community was formed due to the increasing pollution of the environment by humans in the ordinary world. This has led to the destruction of significant resources and lack of enough produce. The formation of this utopia was also due to increasing communicable diseases over the years which have caused so many deaths.

The vision of a secluded community

The formation of this secluded community will enable a place that is free from diseases and pollution caused by humans in the normal world. This will ensure the continuation of a society that has little or no mortality rates. These deaths would have been due to diseases and toxins present in the normal world.

The government of Tritopia

The government of Tritopia will include a president and ministers who will serve various departments. Tritopia will be a democratic community, and hence the community makes the decisions and chooses their leaders. This will enable peace and understanding among all people in the country.

The economic sector

In the economic sector, we have lands that people and machines will work on to enable the production of food. This food will sustain the community and can be sold to other communities to create revenue for the governing body. Having a fully functioning agricultural sector will enable the community to sustain itself based on the fact that the community is located in the middle of a desert. This agricultural sector will be fully functional after the land is reclaimed and irrigated.

The use of technology in Tritopia

Tritopia will use technology in almost all sectors. In the registration of people, we will employ the use of technology to keep records and take roll calls often. This will ensure the population is maintained. In the agricultural sector, machines will be used to do work that would otherwise be tiresome for a human being. Technology will also be used in hospitals and schools for healthcare and education respectively.

Prioritizing education

Education being a significant sector in a community, Tritopia gives priority to this. Having a large population of children, schools will teach a syllabus that will enable a child to specialize in their career of interest in their early years. This will allow them to be and make them productive by the time they grow into adults.

Judiciary system in Tritopia

Last but not least, in every perfect place, there are imperfections. Those who break the rules in Tritopia will face banishment from the community in the event of severe cases. There will be a judiciary system whereby an offender is tried. Here, if found guilty, a person faces charges and might end up getting banished from this perfect community.

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