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Personal experience is the most important and trustworthy source of knowledge, which will come in handy for your personal experience essay. Some essays on personal experience define personal experience as a person's practically accumulated knowledge and skills. Other writers of personal experience essays believe it to be the knowledge of life, based on what a certain person has experienced. In a world full of prejudices, myths, and deceptions, personal experience is the only thing many people trust. As years pass our personal life experience becomes the basis of life wisdom. What we learned and experienced in our own lives stays with us forever and guides us indefinitely. Learn more with personal experience essay samples – below you can find essay samples that cover many topics.

The Meaning of "I Can Be Right, Or I Can Be Happy"

One of the basic steps in understanding communication is to view it as peoples’ process instead of a language process. Thus, if an individual is to make improvements in his communication process, he/she ought to first improve his/her interpersonal relationship. Changing the degree of the defensive behavior is one of...

Words: 662

Pages: 3

The Concept of Good Person

In our harsh world, where the life of most people is like an endless struggle for survival, and where everyone tries to take the best place, often in an unfair way, it is very difficult to remain a good person. In general, for many of us this is given with...

Words: 974

Pages: 4

The Influence of Cultural Perspective on Intercultural Experiences

When am asked about my hobbies, or what I do when am free, I normally answer that I love painting. Therefore, I really appreciated the chance I had in doing the Mexican American Fine Arts as it made me experience something that I have never experienced before. All through the...

Words: 1090

Pages: 4

“Working at Wendy’s.”

When describing a memory or a past incident in his life, Joey Franklin switches his text from present to past tense. He recalls how Kris Livingston's mother labored at the Taco Bell register as an illustration of this shift in tense. For Chinese people, riding a bicycle offered a respite from...

Words: 671

Pages: 3

Melville and Dickens' stories contain epiphanies.

An epiphany is an unexpected burst of information that causes a person to change right away. A realization that can change your existence occurs in that "a-ha" moment. Epiphanies typically occur abruptly and are brought on by everyday life events. Since not everyone has a complete epiphany, the knowledge acquired...

Words: 2304

Pages: 9

A Personal Reflection ON Employability after University

I've been a student at the University of Essex for the past two academic years with the intention of graduating with the necessary information and skills. I've matured and learned in ways during my stay that I never would have imagined. I knew when I transferred from Taylor's University that...

Words: 1621

Pages: 6

judges at boxing events

In my experience, judges who participate in giving out points for effectively executing in a boxing ring during a bout have been seen at boxing events. The judges have extensive knowledge of boxing as a sport, so they are aware of what to watch for as they give points for...

Words: 336

Pages: 2

Personal Experience in Combat Units as a woman

I have thoroughly appreciated the path that has been set out for me over the course of my twenty years of military service. As a young child living in a single-parent South Carolina household, my mother was unable to pay for my education expenses. My inability to attend college became...

Words: 972

Pages: 4

Research Argument Writing

I can speak from experience when I say that taking English 112 has helped me learn a lot and develop beyond my aspirations. Since I had never written such a lengthy paper before, I must admit that I was initially truly anxious about the assignment regarding the research argument. Even...

Words: 607

Pages: 3

As a skilled nursev CV

I obtained my experience as a qualified nurse through education. In Ohio, I finished my License Practical Nursing program at the Ohio America Care Institute. I also earned an associate of science degree in Registered Nursing from the American Institute of Alternative Medicine in Ohio. My GPA is 3.5 and...

Words: 482

Pages: 2

Masters in Finance letter

Despite graduating with honors from university, I have no professional experience. I believe that earning mediocre grades in my degree program may limit my opportunities, especially as this is the key factor under consideration. Although I did not receive good grades in some disciplines, I was able to compensate by...

Words: 247

Pages: 1

Healthcare Delivery and Clinical Systems

During my nursing job, I've been able to comprehend beliefs that I previously had only a passing acquaintance with. I've learned about patient care, my job as a nurse, the value of teamwork in accomplishing company goal and vision, patient health concerns, ethical workplace practices, and health policies. My essay...

Words: 731

Pages: 3

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