Essays on Personal Experience

Personal experience is the most important and trustworthy source of knowledge, which will come in handy for your personal experience essay. Some essays on personal experience define personal experience as a person's practically accumulated knowledge and skills. Other writers of personal experience essays believe it to be the knowledge of life, based on what a certain person has experienced. In a world full of prejudices, myths, and deceptions, personal experience is the only thing many people trust. As years pass our personal life experience becomes the basis of life wisdom. What we learned and experienced in our own lives stays with us forever and guides us indefinitely. Learn more with personal experience essay samples – below you can find essay samples that cover many topics.

Trip to Athens-Delphi-Nafplion

This article of reflection is on my latest trip to one of the most beautiful sites in the world, Athens, and Delphi. The tour consisted of four days, from Thursday the 1st of June to Sunday the 4th of June, and it was like the sky, like all the good…

Words: 1983

Pages: 8

Childhood experiences play a significant role in shaping up one’s adult life

Childhood memories have a huge impact on one’s adult life. This interaction may be either negative or positive. As a result, there is a strong connection between an adult’s behavior and their childhood memories. For example, studies have shown a correlation between teenage exposure to chronic violence and a number…

Words: 992

Pages: 4

The emotions

It is generally assumed valid that thoughts dictate if at the moment we try to return to it, we will recall remembered memory (Rapaport, 2007). As opposed to an event that did not spark any unique feelings, an emotionally fraught situation is always recalled (Reisberg & Hertel, 2004). Once one…

Words: 304

Pages: 2

A story of teenage drug addiction

Three major side effects of addiction A story of teenage drug addiction Author My burden or challenge life? Addiction and its impact. I started with taking pills, smoking weed and alcohol at a very young age. I was at risk of drug abuse as a teenager thereby easily influenced to…

Words: 284

Pages: 2

Technical Declaration

First of all, I need to find out that my chance to practice has been a wonderful educational and inspiring experience for me and it is one of my most appreciated achievements so far. For the span of two years, my clinical practice training was, and during this period I…

Words: 930

Pages: 4

David Sedaris Me Talk Pretty One Day

David Sedaris’s Me Talk Pretty One Day offers a description of his impressions as a 41-year-old man returning to college to learn French. The author’s classroom experiences have had a profound impact on his life outside of the classroom. He transforms from an outgoing person to a withdrawn person who…

Words: 918

Pages: 4

Dilemma of Ethics

The ethical challenge is to choose from a variety of potential options, none of which can provide a perfect solution. Ethical dilemmas must occur during the course of the work in the social sector. Social workers therefore need to have high decision-making capacities, which will allow them to explain their…

Words: 1344

Pages: 5

Reflection of Luca Interview

Participation of a sporting event provides the ability to observe different facets of a country or sports event, such as the Olympics. For example, the Rio games show the existence of a class difference in Brazil (Cole). However, the irony is that a nation like Brazil can afford to pay…

Words: 318

Pages: 2

About Biases

The way people take decisions, respond and even take action affects personal perceptions, backdrops and cultural contexts. This is achieved unconsciously, largely by socialization and alignment with the cultures of the community. This is also known as prejudice and grows in a person as soon as they start socializing in…

Words: 1141

Pages: 5

“This Thing Called Love” by Lauren Slater

I found Lauren Slater’s article “This Thing Called Love” interesting. The article explores the interactions of love and the sexual encounters that come with it. The author also talks about the various stages of love that begin when people get married and what happens after that. I like how the…

Words: 320

Pages: 2

Christian Worldview

I was conceived and raised as a Christian. I knew there was death and the revival of Jesus Christ. I was brought into the world in a Christian family. For example, on my journey as a Christian I experienced alternate point of view as what a Christian is. In spite…

Words: 2158

Pages: 8

Reflection of the Positve Influence of Christianity in me

Some of the things we face daily seems to have a compound effect on the direction of our lives and these have different effects on us. Since I was a kid, I have always wanted to know about the educational material and this enthusiasm did not wane even after I…

Words: 609

Pages: 3


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