Essays on Failure

the control of guns

The topic of gun violence on American streets has raised questions in recent decades over how existing gun regulations aimed at restricting gun possession, sale, and use lead to the current state of homicide. Various organizations have taken positions to voice their views, and some agencies have begun research to…

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Gun control

Gun control is a system of rules or guidelines that govern the manufacture, commercialization, distribution, ownership, alteration, or use of weapons by civilians. Many countries have stringent gun-control rules, with only a few exceptions deemed permissive. The National Firearms Act was enacted in the United States as a result of…

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The legal flaws contribute to inefficiency in gun control

The shortcomings in the legislation lead to the inefficiency of gun enforcement. The paper cites quick access to weapons, the ineptness of officials issuing guns, and bias on the part of gun issuance officials as major factors for ineffectiveness. Gun violence is a major impediment to both domestic and global…

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Failure of The General Education Courses

General education courses are required classes for students enrolled in degree programs at specific higher education institutions. However, since the modules are intended to have general education, they are not part of the major classes of the course (Bok). Regardless of the course being taken, general education classes are intended…

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Essay Reaction to, “Children Need to Play Not Compete”

Jessica Statsky actively opposes youngsters participating in competitive sports. She describes how competition has harmed children’s growth in the United States in her book “Children Deserve to Play, Not Compete.” She has different viewpoints on how physical sports damage children’s well-being (Statsky, 2010). Children are discouraged as a result of…

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Reflection Journal

For company owners, the information era has brought unparalleled challenges as well as similarly rewarding opportunities. For one thing, increased access to vast amounts of information has complicated market analysis due to the challenges of collecting information that is respectful of the entrepreneurial process while still maintaining responsible business behaviour….

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about presidental voting

Presidential elections are usually held in two stages, with each stage decided by whether or not the previous stage was successful. The first stage consists of an indirect election in which people vote for their favorite candidate. The nominee is declared the winner if they obtain an absolute majority of…

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about the egyptian delights

In their first year of operation, 79 percent of all small companies thrive. However, half of them fail within five years, and only one-third survive after ten years (Small Business Trends, 2015). Such shortcomings are due to concerns such as a lack of rigorous market analysis prior to launching the…

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unethical business behavior

Unethical corporate activity costs a company’s or business’s reputation as well as earnings a lot of money. One of the most common causes of company failure is unethical behavior. This study focuses on five basic unethical business behavior problems. In this section, we will classify, explain, and provide specifics about…

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How an Entrepreneur’s Passion Can Destroy a Startup

The article How an Entrepreneur’s Zeal Will Destroy a Startup, written by Noam Wasserman, addresses the negative consequences of getting so much passion on the success of a startup. While enthusiasm is essential for a startup’s success, when entrepreneurs disregard logic, they can make decisions that contribute to the company’s…

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summary and response

The failure of hotels is caused by a variety of factors related to the GAP in the service quality model. Why restaurants struggle (PARSA et al.) investigates the different factors that contribute to the formation of these holes. The listening chasm In a hotel environment, the listening distance may be…

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The Fall Of Rome

The Roman Empire fell as a result of a historical period in which the Roman Empire became weak and the Western Roman Empire lost control of its territories (Heather, 2005). This lack of monitoring came as a result of the Empire’s diminishing finances and a depleted military. As the Western…

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