Essays on Ignorance

Meaning of Ignorance

One of the most significant uses of language is communicating to other people the very extent of their failings intellectually. This becomes more entertaining depending on the choice of the words used in the communication. This is because some words hold different meanings depending on the way we use them....

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Act of Congress by Robert G. Kaiser

In the preface to his book "Act of Congress," Robert G. Kaiser, one of the Washington Post's most prominent writers, admitted that Congress was America's least known institution. The author acknowledged that his endeavors to grasp the inner workings of the country's most establishmentarian facility had been unsuccessful. According to...

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Formalist Criticism of “The War Prayer”

Analysis of The War Prayer by Mark TwainMark Twain, born Samuel Langhorne Clemens, traveled the globe and learned of other countries imperialistic attempts. Following his return to America, he joined the Anti-Imperialist League and was instrumental in criticizing British and American policies. In 1905, he wrote the...

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What Is Ignorance?

Ignorance: A Dangerous StateIgnorance is a lack of knowledge or information. Often referred to as cognitive dissonance, "ignorance" is a state in which individuals are oblivious to important information. Ignorance is a dangerous state. Let's explore why it's dangerous, and why it's important not to be ignorant. We'll begin by...

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Stupidity and Ignorance

Ignorance can be categorized as inadvertent or involuntary. The latter is imputable, while the former is invincible. It is impossible to eliminate inadvertent ignorance; however, moral diligence, a moral duty, may remove vincible ignorance. However, this does not mean that a person must exert every effort to avoid ignorance. Vincible ignorance Vincible ignorance...

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