Essays on Self Defence

The Importance of Martial Arts for Girls

Parents Always Want the Best Parents always want the best for their children and mine were too. They had taught us to take care of each other, and because I was the man, I had the responsibility of taking care of my sister who was three years younger than me. It...

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The concept of Duress as a Defense

This idea refers to situations where a criminal is forced to commit a crime as their only means of self-defense against actual violence, an attack, or the fear of violence. When a felon had no other option but to commit the crime, they are not to be held accountable. However,...

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I Am a Legend

"I Am a Legend": The Irony and Serendipity of the Victory Achieved When Two or More Waging Groups Are Aligned Toward the Same Threats or Goals."We can create a common global society blessed with a shared culture of peace that is nourished by the ethnic, national, and local diversity that...

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Just War Theory

In order to defend war, the just war theory was developed. The theory offers a number of factors that are seen to be crucial for a conflict to be just. The theory holds that these four principles are the most crucial ones. An important factor is having a just cause. War...

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Gun Ownership Should Be Controlled vs. People Should Be Allowed to Carry Guns in the United States

The topic of gun safety is divisive, especially in America, where many firearms are in the hands of people. Some believe they need firearms for self-defense, while others believe gun owners are more likely to commit crimes. Both licensed and unlicensed firearms in civilian hands are deemed dangerous, rendering the...

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Gun ownership in the United States of America should be prohibited.

Restricting Gun Licenses and Possession Restricting gun licenses and possession is a contentious issue in the United States, with some in favor and some against it. Some people believe that guns are necessary for self-defense, while others believe that gun owners are more likely to commit crimes. Both licensed and unlicensed...

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reinterpretation of japan's constitution

Political scientists, foreign personalities, and analysts provide perspectives on international, cultural, and international issues. However, there have been misunderstandings regarding the constitutional proposal accepted by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, which requires the Japanese military to exercise the right of collective self-defense (CSD). Green and Hornung also debunked several of...

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The Basics of Self-Defence

Self-defence is a legal defence that people can use to protect themselves. In some situations, it is even acceptable to use deadly force when an attack is imminent or unprovoked. Self-defense is a necessary option in some situations. It is usually recognized by the court as a necessary measure. There...

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